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Your LCD Monitor Maintenance In Place?

Dec 26, 2016

    The reaction time

    Say to the appropriate time, we can look at one's current level of a corresponding time. At present, the response time is near, more and more become a monitor manufacturers an important selling point. In the camera work engineering, if want to achieve the best control effect, no 60 frames per second reaction velocity is difficult to achieve. This rate to reaction speed can meet within 16 ms.

    But you don't have to worry about is that the reaction time to the current mainstream monitor basic has reached the level of 8 ms, which can satisfy the processing strength of 125 frames per second. To the user demand is not very high, however, 12 or 16 ms ms product application is already enough. Especially for some regular fixed point of low speed ball camera, 8 ms is more or less waste.

    The choice of brightness and contrast

    When we choose a monitor, often can see the choice of a brightness and contrast. And these two parameters is a what kind of a reaction? In general, the higher the brightness of the LCD monitor, the color is more bright-coloured, the actual effect is better. For those with low brightness products. It displays the image will be more dark, thus increasing the user's fatigue. At present, a common monitor brightness in about 250 CD / ㎡, too bright and the dark will affect imaging.

    The stability of the monitor

    Said these brightness would say contrast, after all, the value of contrast from the white image luminance divided by the result of the black screen brightness. So the gap between the two, the greater the display picture is more clear, is the stronger the feeling also. In general, in contrast to the LCD monitor, 3000:1, the traditional CRT monitors contrast will be a lot lower than the LCD screen. But for the monitor, 400:1 has basic fast to monitor the contrast of offline, when the contrast ratio is less than 300:1, the monitors can be ignored.

    The visual Angle of observation

    Actually for visual Angle, this is a new reference direction in the field of the monitor. Due to the light of LCD monitor is vertical injection through the LCD to the vertical Angle, so the screen in different angles, and the color of screen larger changes. And this kind of problem of traditional CRT monitors will not meet again.

    In the observation, viewing angles can be divided into horizontal Angle and vertical Angle. When choosing the monitor, greater monitoring point of view is undoubtedly the best choice. May the current visual Angle under the brands is not the same, but is absolutely the same monitoring measurements.

    The stability of the monitor

    Actually when it comes to stability, I'm afraid you will feel should be everyone's relations, but also one of the most helpless. If stability is just "see" out, so this really is a bit exaggerated. However, from the surface, there are several small place can be more or less help lengthen the service life of our equipment, for example, the article mentioned the bad points of the monitor in the beginning, or whether to have the anti-jamming function of shell, good heat dissipation effect, as well as the advanced cooling fan and temperature control mode, etc. In addition, the application technology of the screen can also be for understanding.