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When Using The LCD Monitor How To Effectively Protect Our Eyes

Nov 02, 2016

    With the widely application of the video monitoring, people not only pursue terminal monitoring device display effect, but also no radiation, no flicker of monitoring equipment, environmental protection, energy saving index is becoming more and more attention.

    Video surveillance industry service upgrade makes people more and more is also high to the requirement of monitoring, monitor display and environmental indicators such as radiation protection also gradually attention. But in real life, how do we do to properly protect our eyes?

Traditional monitor CRT panel, we know that the CRT monitor is to rely on the electron beam excitation phosphors on the surface of the screen to display the image, because soon after phosphors was lit the flame, so the electron gun must be cycle to galvanize these points, but during this time easy to cause the reflection of light, will reduce the contrast, thus the stimulation of the human eye. When traditional CRT panel for the LCD panel, great changes have taken place in the display effect, not only in terms of performance at the same time has had the very big improvement, but we found that the eye is more tired than before, what reason is this?       What is the good way to solve?

    Usually we can adjust the brightness and contrast of the LCD monitor, or change the background of the monitor, such display effect may be more beneficial to we watch. If every day to face the LCD monitor suggest or installed two chain-hooks.

    Display in front of the computer for a long time will let us eye fatigue, I think most people have this experience. Long-term down will only make our vision more blurred, and even cause some physical symptoms such as fatigue and headaches.

    And cause eye fatigue is often the cause of the display the light of the above and screen flicker, etc.

    LCD monitor, by contrast, basically there is no light and screen flicker problem, but reflect light into the LCD monitor, LCD monitor gradually to highlight contrast development in recent years, although the high brightness of color display, but also let our eyes appear more fatigue.

Therefore, we in the use of LCD monitor to try to find a way to avoid the tiredness of the eyes.

    Adjust the picture brightness, contrast and color

    Adjust image contrast and brightness. But if long time for ordinary monitoring work, decrease the contrast and brightness can reduce eyestrain.

    LCD monitor has adjust brightness and contrast, the left and right deviation tilt, and other functions. Give it a try these functions to adjust the brightness and contrast. But if the brightness and contrast through low are more likely to cause eye fatigue, so let's try a few times more transferred to the suitable condition.

    As for the adjustment method, please refer to the instruction of each monitor.

    In addition, through the Windows screen Settings, you can also change the color of the window configuration. Select [according to] the control panel, click in turn [appearance] - > [set] in detail, can change oneself be fond of of color configuration.

In the initial set, the window of white background is too strong, turn it into a cream or light green will have good results. Please choose in the [high] [Windows], by color [1] for favorite color.

    According to different software, and sometimes even made the change, window color also don't change to come over. In this software menu, mostly have a separate window set orders, please help to confirm.

    Install two chain-hooks on the screen

    Want to by reducing the screen reflection and mapping to avoid eye fatigue, the most effective way is to install two chain-hooks on the screen.

    Through rate refers to the ratio of light through the two chain-hooks. The smaller this value, shows that the color of the two chain-hooks grows. The are too many pictures and photo processing operations, the need to try to close to the natural color, so should choose the product with high transmittance numerical (80 ~ 90%). And think that the people had better choose screen dazzling transmittance lower product (50 ~ 70%).