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ViewSonic Digbil Digital Signage Hardware And Software Cooperation

Jan 15, 2016

Through cooperation, the two parties have established a series of hardware and software solutions designed to simplify the deployment and management of digital signage networks, and enables users to quickly expand its network from a symbol to millions, without requiring expensive hardware. Digbil, Director of business development keleige·sikete (Craig Scott) says: "ViewSonic 26 display and grasping customer needs and global resources is to create reliable, secure, scalable digital signage networks worldwide key. ”

ViewSonic and digbil goal is in the BRIC countries (Brazil, and Russia, and India, and China) to launch its own digital signage solutions, especially meet the needs of industries such as hotels and entertainment.

ViewSonic bangnicheng display business unit General Manager (Bonny Cheng), said: "we find the right digital signage software has been a very long time. We are always in search of not only superior to traditional customer service model, and in line with our vision and strategy. Digbil an extensible software is precisely this market segment more efficiently into the era of digital signage needs. ”

During the Taipei International computer show last week, ViewSonic will be shown in the visual experience Center in Taipei and in these technologies, digbil will attend the Taipei International computer show.