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The Story Behind The LCD Splicing Screen

Nov 03, 2016

    Nowadays, the rise of the Internet, convenient for many people, so many people on the Internet, the net in this big everything online is becoming more and more convenient and more and more intelligent, but in the back of a convenient, some people, some lost.

    Throughout society, display area developments have sufficiently, hot flashes, and as the mainstay of the domestic market, one of the rapid advances the way to expand their market share. Many industry related manufacturers and some outsiders, have come in and want to share a slice.

    Domestic LCD splicing after ultra narrow edge in the market of high-speed growth at the same time also faced with the height of the market competition. LCD splicing panel technology at present in only a few brand companies, such as samsung, DDW, skyworth, LG, etc., other unknown brand belongs to adopt outsourcing panel assembly products. Liquid crystal splicing relatively low technical barriers to entry and the massive market demand to attract the participation of numerous manufacturers. Therefore, display performance between the various products were consistent with the panel parameters, is only a slight differences in structure technology and interface boards, serious homogeneity phenomenon. Parts manufacturers rely on low prices as a means of competition, especially the local copycat brand, its product performance and the low level of technology, after-sales service guarantee, simple, with low price competition the way is not conducive to their own long-term development at the same time more disturbed the normal order of market.

    More there are some "dirty" workshop "shanzhai type bad producers on the Internet platform in the form of ultra-cheap con everywhere, may have caused some innocent consumers deceived, for this purpose, the DDW said feel sad for those innocent consumers and mercy, emperor ai hope that consumers choose brands to buy.

    In the face of the LCD splicing screen environment complex, especially the LCD splicing limited on technological breakthroughs. Quality ultimately determines the LCD splicing screen manufacturers in the industry. As an industry representative manufacturers sought SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has never let up on the pace of TECHNOLOGY innovation. DDW from beginning to end in quality as a fundamental, the concept of service for the principle. Emperor of emperor ai provides not only a single piece of screen, but the LCD splicing of a complete set of solutions, from the installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance of the whole system in a series of links such as, splicing system of technical content, the dependence of the complex system and after-sales service is very high, emperor ai emperor to provide clients with one-stop pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, let customers buy the rest assured, with comfort.