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The LCD Splicing Screen Installation Site Must Meet Environmental Conditions

Jul 21, 2016

The LCD splicing screen installation site must meet environmental conditions

Liquid crystal splicing screen experience can bring you a better display effect, ultra wide Angle of view, the display of large capacity, in all aspects of life are better visual enjoyment. To ensure the smooth progress of the project equipment installation on site must meet the following conditions:


1. Install the environmental requirements


Installation ground smooth solid, strong bearing capacity, deformation, due to the liquid crystal splicing stent generally direct contact with the anti-static floor, need to make sure that the ground bearing stress deformation for a long time.


2, light requirements


Concealed lighting recommended canister light, the light shoulds not be pointed directly at the screen direction, distance from the screen to keep 3 metres away, lest affect the projection effect; Second should avoid direct sun light.


3, go line and trough


Low voltage cables (VGA video network serial mouse and keyboard extension cords, etc.) should be separated with high voltage cable line, to avoid interference. If it is to use go trough can't share a go trough, trough separate walk should be different.


4, power supply,


Considering the system may encounter special would happen breakpoint again electrify current shock, LCD splicing unit itself has power protection design, guaranteed the normal safe operation of equipment; System of power supply for AC 220 v + / - 5%; With a protective earthing line three eye socket, socket number related to splice screen number; Power supply voltage should be stable and reliable; System equipment should have good grounding, grounding resistance < 2 Ω, ensure encountered lightning strike and other special situation when the equipment is not damaged.

5, system environment,


1) time the good temperature and humidity control room requirements. Working environment temperature is 23 ℃ + / - 5 ℃, relative humidity 20% to 80%. Joining together back to have air conditioning.


2) before and after the splicing screen air-conditioning temperature and humidity should be transferred to the same scale, in order to ensure that splicing wall heat dissipation and splicing flatness of the screen.

3) splice screen for clean room, dustproof.


4) the fire sprinklers away from splicing wall as much as possible, and to use the spray fire extinguishing agent