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The Key Of The LCD Splicing Screen Is The "big Size"

Jul 21, 2016

The key of the LCD splicing screen is the "big size"

In recent years, along with the advance of the LCD splicing technology, no matter from the seam in technology, or from the screen size, LCD splicing screen has been constantly enrich their own conditions for the various performance indicators, further promote the healthy development of the LCD splicing screen products on the market. Among them, the "big size" is the core of the LCD splicing screen, because big size LCD splicing unit in the splicing is greatly reduce the frame frequency, flat-fell seam on ensure image integrity superior greatly small size LCD splicing unit.

With large size LCD splicing screen in application to show more and more prominent, the LCD splicing manufacturers are also constantly develop larger LCD splicing screen. Now, the size of the LCD splicing unit is more and more big, the LCD splicing screen from 40 to 60 inches, and continues to expand more advantage of the large size LCD splicing screen. Large size LCD splicing screen LCD splicing TV wall as more and more applications in various fields, especially in some consultation with the system, the circuit diagram, such as cloud, accurate data shows that air systems, or scientific research units in areas such as widely used. Large size LCD splicing screen can get the favour of users, is the splicing unit in joining together to reduce the picture size large flat-fell seam in frequency, together with the application of various image processing technology, which makes the big LCD splicing presents a picture of integral feeling is stronger. Now although LCD splicing technology can realize super narrow edge flat-fell seam, can fully guarantee the integrity of the picture, but the LCD splicing screen flat-fell seam for high precision image display project is lack of something. And big size LCD splicing screen not only have a single display, it also has a higher brightness and color uniformity, at the same time, because of the large size of the audience watching the display screen will be more relaxed, more open perspective.  

Throughout the current LCD screen splicing market, large size LCD splicing commercial time still has an upward trend, compared with these small size 32 inch, 40 inch LCD splicing unit, large size LCD splicing screen the most prominent advantage is that it can realize no flat-fell seam no physical aperture image, not only to ensure the full hd picture, also save some patchwork peripheral equipment. But large size LCD splicing screen also has its own shortcomings, that's not flexible size and the way of joining together. Large size LCD splicing screen often thorny problems is caused by a problem of power consumption and weight installation is not easy, so big size LCD splicing screen should further development need further improvement on the power consumption and weight.

Nowadays, the overall development trend of LCD splicing system is to a large screen, high resolution, high brightness, high contrast and modular structure design and easy to install, manage, and control the direction of development. And single LCD splicing screen size will be more and more big, big size LCD splicing unit unit can be used independently as a display screen, also comparative advantages on the stitching. , in the development of the large size LCD splicing screen will keep a new Chen, let more users experience the charm of LCD splicing screen.