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The Industrial Screen Touch All-in-one Why Want To Choose

Aug 30, 2016

    Consumer touch all-in-one PC, the choose and buy some understanding, also ever know, but their specific I don't know what is inside the LCD panel, what kind of LCD screen more clearly, more stable performance and longer life.

    At present the LCD screen is divided into soft screen on market and industrial screen, the difference between where they are?

    Soft screen called household level soft screens, you use a finger across the screen or touch screen will appear with corrugated, continuous feeling, reflect only under the condition of static high-definition, visual Angle of only 170 degrees, the overall pigment is poorer, tonal slant red, images, video display would not be stable, have the ghosting, ghosting, response speed can reach 8 ms, so: technology is bad, life is short, low cost of production suitable for family use. For business.

    Industrial-grade screen characteristics by using the horizontal arrangement of liquid crystal molecular structure, under pressure, hard screen to heal more quickly, by touch, you can keep it unchanged basically.

    He clearly in a dynamic, static as hd cases, equally full hd 1920 * 1080 panel, industrial screen 25% times higher than the soft panel, at the same time or visual Angle of 178 degrees of visual Angle, the dynamic of clarity, color reduction accurately, the significant advantage of the respect such as visual Angle, compared with traditional soft screen LCD, industrial screen has a stable structure of liquid crystal molecules are arranged, faster response speed, can reach 4 ms.

    Therefore has a strong expressive force in the dynamic resolution, completely eliminates the soft screen LCD screen under external pressure and shaking, fuzzy and water lines diffusion phenomena, play more extreme images to eliminate the ghosting effect and the tail,

Touch all-in-one PC application are mostly business is given priority to, to be run on for a long time, so the industrial screen is the most suitable for installation on multimedia touch all-in-one.

    DDW adopts imported from South Korea's samsung, LG screen, very long service life, widely used in the O2O intelligent interaction - new display terminals, schools and shopping centers, super high quality!