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The Elevator LCD Advertising Machine Performance Advantages

Aug 10, 2016

    The elevator

    LCD advertising machine in our daily life not only to the elevator, such as numerous stores also often see some people, like this and there are many advertising machine, such as open hole 3 d display advertising machine is often seen in an elevator. Come let us know about the elevator LCD advertising machine performance advantages.

The elevator LCD advertising machine performance advantage mainly include the following:

    First, the Angle of 175 degrees, offer you the perfect visual effect

    View Angle is one of the main project is the elevator floor indicator. Although we can watch the CRT display the rendered images from any Angle, but the elevator floor display (LED) must be from the front view to get the best visual effects. If from other point of view, the brightness of the screen will darken decreased (brightness), color change, and even some products will be as negative as.

    Second, professional industrial control host, more stable performance

    Elevator multimedia research and development of elevator multimedia specialized industrial control host, adopted the "embedded system" "structure without fan" "chassis cooling" "SSD" "box" "plate", etc. The application of new technologies, new products, to adapt the automation products "downsizing" the trend of the development of "intelligent" "low power", has greatly improved the industrial control system stability, and reducing the costs of manufacturing and application.

Third, super wide Angle of view, any direction can enjoy the clear picture

    The elevator floor indicator, using the latest technology to enlarge the picture viewing angles. As a result, the best effect of elevator floor indicator, the viewing Angle have been able to approach the CRT display, was about 87.5 degrees, left and right sides of the horizontal viewing Angle of 175 degrees, can almost see the contents of the images from any Angle. In general, from 140 to 160 degree viewing Angle becomes big size elevator floors absorb the basic indicators of monitor. For smaller size 15 inches or 15 inches below the elevator floor indicator, the viewing Angle of 120 degrees is enough to show the complete picture. Left and right sides of the viewing angles are generally greater than viewing Angle, up and down is the vertical viewing Angle is less than the horizontal viewing angles (generally between 120 to 140 degrees).

    Fourth, the signal acquisition boards, specially designed for elevator multimedia function more powerful.

    Elevator multimedia real-time display all kinds of running state (up and down the floor display, overload, fire control and maintenance, the driver and other signals, can be used according to demand of customers access to access the source), to replace the original LED display screen. The elevator signal wiring access support parallel, serial, the CAN protocol interface, etc. (CAN be customized according to user requirements). If customer cannot provide protocol interface, you can use our developed by the elevator signal acquisition boards, fluctuation floor display, the overload of the elevator, fire control and maintenance, the driver and other signals, can be used according to demand of customers can access access to the source. When the elevator in the absence of hall signal after a few minutes (can be customized according to user requirements), TDD elevator has signal automatically disappear, only keep floors signal, when someone called ladder, TDD elevator has signal will automatically appear, consistent with the agreement of the lift signal; Of course, especially won't appear when the elevator is on the second floor hasn't been down to the ground floor, downward direction arrow direction is upward arrow. Wiring is simple, stable signal, consistent with absolute agreement interface signals.