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The Difference Between The Advertising Machine And Liquid Crystal Displays, LCD TV

Jul 28, 2016

A, using environmental stability is higher than ordinary liquid crystal products

Common liquid crystal displays, LCD TV is used in a small space, such as family, lounge, etc., so the use environment is relatively stable clean, temperature humidity control is more reasonable. And multimedia information release device belongs to outdoor advertising machine, mostly occur in crowded public places, so that the use of the environment are not stable. So in the design, the use of advertising machine environment than liquid crystal displays, LCD TV has more stability.

Second, playing time is higher than LCD/TV

LCD advertising machine, vertical advertising machine, touch advertising machine and a series of advertising machine is suitable for use for a long period of time, and liquid crystal displays, LCD TV, and other products have very big difference. Bao li advertising machine can run 24 hours a day, this is different from computers and servers. In the display panel types, both are basically the same, but in terms of heat dissipation, the function of the advertising machine than household products such as liquid crystal displays, LCD TV, because the advertising machine need operation for a long time, so for the heat sink, etc have special needs.

Three, brightness, is higher than that of ordinary liquid crystal products

Due to the liquid crystal advertisement machine mostly appear in public places, ambient light is very bright and so on the brightness, must satisfy the placement of light environment, and liquid crystal displays, LCD TV display brightness is you just need to meet the needs of the human eye. So the brightness is also an important characteristics of advertising machine.

Four, area, difference is very big

Both LCD and LCD TV, display area and share has industry specifications. For example, liquid crystal appeared scale are 32 inches, 37 inches, 40 inches, 42 inches, 46 inches, etc.; Appeared and share manipulation in 4:3 and 16:9 and 16:10, special share does not usually appear. In this, advertising machine are different. In order to promote demo need to fit special places, advertising machine, there appeared the specification's share of the goods such as rectangle, square, T, such as bao li shang advertising machine is vertical, wall hanging, T, mobile, has 40 inch, 46 inch size, 55, 65 inches and 70 inches and so on. So there are special need to formulate advertising machine, usually more expensive than generalized assembly line production goods.

Five, advertising machine special use, it is necessary to add equipment

Advertising machine has the function of audio and video, unlimited broadcast advertising, so in order to complete the advertising display, there will be many rated hardware support, including advertising machine dedicated equipment. There are many advertising vendors would to complete large display area, higher resolution, will use the skills, such as liquid crystal splicing finished stitching use there will be a corresponding hardware support and software support.

Six, interface programming, there are also differences.

Appeared in the civil aspect, usually as long as three kinds of interface, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP interface is relatively rare. In the field of industrial use, will have special use BNC interface. In aspect of the TV, emphasizes the diversity that interface, can join more av equipment, most the most species and quantity of the interface.