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The Analysis Of The Causes Of LCD Advertising Machine Price Differences

Jul 28, 2016

    LCD advertising machine mainly by the LCD screen, driver board, decoding board, power supply, etc. According to the different performance, there are different categories, such as according to the feature points are mainly the network advertising machine and stand-alone machine; According to the main application range points are indoor advertising, outdoor advertising machine, building advertising machine, etc.; According to the installation points are mainly vertical advertising machine, hanging advertising machine, T advertising machine, etc. Different types, different sizes, different manufacturers of LCD advertising machine prices differ in thousands ways, then what's the reason that lead to differences of     LCD advertising machine price? This article will analyze the main reason for the difference one by one to you.

    1, the difference in price for the LCD screen

Domestic nature is much more expensive than the small screen, and new and second-hand LCD screen water drops in the price a few hundred dollars, this is what we see when buying products, must be used in the product after a period of time to understand. Material on the LED screen brightness is higher than that of the LCD, display effect is good, price is expensive.

    2, the difference of the system software

Network advertising confidential than single machine is expensive, among them, the system determines the differences between the use function of online advertising machine.

    3, the application function of strong or not

General LCD advertising machine features a single, only to meet the demand of product screening, so much cheaper. But in today's technology with each passing day, as the demand of diversification, the function of the liquid crystal advertisement machine must also diversification, to meet the needs of the market. Is suitable for the liquid crystal advertisement machine, shopping malls and is suitable for the liquid crystal advertisement machine, bank for different places can choose different LCD advertising machine. In addition to the function of the external, LCD advertising machine "internal strength" is also key, touch-screen, glasses-free 3 d technology in recent years, let's find everything new and fresh, of course, these are built on the basis of price.

    4, the differences between the product design

The design of LCD advertising machine relative to other reasons for differences affect smaller, mainstream had higher price than ordinary types, some custom designs of more expensive than public money.

    In addition to the above these LCD advertising machine will affect the price of internal factors, the local market will, to influence the price of advertising machine of raw materials and accessories price rise or fall, will have an effect on LCD advertising machine price. Overall, LCD advertising machine price difference is not composed of the unitary structure of it, and the market also plays a decisive role. At this point, bao li shang to remind the general business users, the choose and buy LCD advertising machine don't always consider the price factor, to comprehensive to consider many aspects.