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Super Narrow Side LCD Splicing Large Size Touch Screen - Splicing Screen Touch Screen Solution

Jul 22, 2016

An overview,

    Ultra narrow edge smart large size stitching touch screen in the field of visual information communication launched a revolutionary new product. Aimed at by a variety of integration based on the product of the latest IT technology innovative solutions, a sharp rise in the people at the meeting, presentation, display, exhibition, interactive command, deployment, etc, activities, industry application of communication efficiency. It advocates to visual, interactive and cooperative is a fundamental feature of more human way of information communication.

    Ultra narrow edge intelligent large size stitching touch screen a new intelligent interactive equipment many integration Gao Qingchao narrow side shows the overall picture, form a complete set of multimedia interactive multi-touch screen click on science and technology of positioning system, sound system, interface terminal, stylus, interactive system, the system tray, shortcuts panel and wireless communication equipment such as accessories.

    Ultra narrow edge stitching touch screen visual intelligent big size feature provides users with public visual function of reunification, a variety of information organization show; Friendly human-machine interface, users can in maximum extent, to keep all kinds of original work habits; Feature-rich computer kernel provides users with a variety of smart tips, protection function, greatly improve the working efficiency and security. Users can operate directly on the screen and control the information displayed content, with smart touch, smart touch interaction, smart touch display, handwritten notes on function, and the man-machine interface intuitive and simple. Support Windows 7, Windows 8 multi-touch function under the operating system, implementation supports more image presentation, image display more follow one's inclinations, display fully in place, such as new operation experience.

    In addition to the superior performance of the hardware configuration, the narrow edge smart large size stitching touch screen can form a complete set of relevant application software, such as: the interactive display software, interactive query software, timeline touch display software, interactive software, remote video conference, audio conferencing system, control system and other software hardware combination is unique. To adapt to the areas with shopping malls, large shopping mall, chain stores, real estate, planning hall, hall, enterprise, government affairs hall, certificate hall, power companies, museums, science and technology museum, exhibition display, honest education base, enterprise, weddings, product launches, corporate event, public welfare event, symposium, conference, annual meeting, etc,

    Ultra narrow edge smart large size stitching touch-screen technology features:

    Ultra narrow side core intelligent large size stitching touch screen: visual, interactive, collaborative.

   Visual: ultra narrow side smart large size stitching touch screen has high performance, high-definition display, large screen display effect, presenting information in the most easy to be understood and accepted way.

Interaction: the narrow side smart large size stitching touch screen can be directly on the screen for multi-touch operation, and control the information displayed content of humanized (click, interactive, query, zoom, rotate, flip, mark or writing, etc.) display function.

    Synergy: refers to the people by the understanding of the communication of information content agreed process. Through the visual and interaction, can greatly improve the synergy effect.

Large size stitching touch screen display system as light, electricity combining multimedia technology products, mainly includes the following parts:

    display, built-in splicing processor, touch screen, stainless steel, glass, exchange of signal source and transmission equipment, computer control console, hanging wall metal stents, signal cable/line RS232 / power cable and other complete sets of wire rod

    According to form a complete set of application fields related software installation is complete, it can realize multimedia display, exhibition, interactive query, click, broadcast video, touch touch of word, excel, powerpoint, amplification, narrow, edit the document content.