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Splicing Screen Multi-touch Technology In The Future

Dec 26, 2016

    Multi-touch LCD splicing interaction system is a kind of auxiliary human-computer interaction, education or meeting hardware principle combined with optical multi-touch technology, precise positioning technology, etc. Optical multi-touch LCD interactive system is a teaching demonstration, meeting to discuss in the future, work report, the military drills, e-commerce, creative process, remote education, video conference, remote medical treatment and other industries key interactive tools for different occasions.

    First of all, we first to get to know the multi-touch LCD splicing multi-point touch screen interaction system LCD interactive system is the union of the five hardware, saves the projector, projection screen, acoustics, the loaded down with trivial details that the controller, computer control, also make late maintenance simple easy to operate. At the same time, the touch screen at the same time of reducing energy consumption and reduce the light pollution, the light interference from the outside world.

    Secondly, the design of LCD touch screen form diversification, the user can choose according to their own needs. Multi-touch unit suitable for recording and live a variety of scenarios, the system supports a variety of ways of media content input sources, including hard disk storage media resources (images, animation, video, etc.) and field video input and output (live video streaming through SDI adapter integration into the host system).

    Multi-touch LCD interactive system become the focus of the market, with the gradually popularization of the video conference with video communication software has become the focal place of the market disputes, multi-touch LCD screen + video conference system can realize remote office, remote meetings, long distance interactive functions, such as meeting communication richer, more humanized and share information more easily. At the same time can also help business users to realize document processing, video playback, audio, multimedia display, screen writing, remote collaboration, etc.