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Shenzhen Vertical Advertising Machine The Development Trend Of Advertising Media

Jul 25, 2016

    1. The technical development trend of network advertising machine and network advertising machine application trend

    The trend of the development of the hd: at present, most of the LCD screen can achieve the result of hd, but as a result of the limitation of content and the limitation of hardware decoding, unable to give full play to the liquid crystal advertisement machine screen performance advantages, the future development of digital television, high-definition television must become the only option for the future. Especially in the competitive environment at present, under the condition of the hardware platform is almost, hd display are more likely to highlight the effect.

    The trend of the h. 264: currently, China telecom and so on all use the h. 264 plan as an important standard IPTV technology, which is due to h. 264 have on technology

    Unique way of codec, can transmit higher quality under limited bandwidth video image quality; At the same time, along with the application of IPTV technology mature, h. 264 application in telecom has begun to gradually popularization, the network advertising machine products as part of the telecom network video advertising machine technology, in the practical application should be consistent with the existing IPTV, so as to make full use of IPTV technology and equipment.

2. Professional development trend of the development of social and economic demand gap of advertising

    From where and specialization of the demand of the market recognition

    Nature of the service, public media propaganda more professional and targeted

3. The operating platform trend currently fifth media advertising machine market, although the dominant, but the focus of the existing publishing platform on the technology has gone far can not adapt to the needs of the development of the market; Also because of the influence of the focus mode, there are more and more manufacturers began to enter the fifth media this market segment, such as the Chinese media, mutual benefit and the media, health, media, etc., and even some small regional competitive advertising operating companies also began to plan to enter the market.

    But no matter what an advertising operators to enter the market, due to the high barriers to entry of telecom broadband and the current domestic human resources is relatively cheap, so the company USES is backward platform solutions, unable to take advantage of the network to network, centralized management.

    As one of the nation's largest network operator, China telecom has a unique advantage in broadband network resources, in technology and also have a solid strength in capital.