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Shenzhen Fast-food Restaurant Floor Advertising Machine To Create A Pleasant Dining Services

Jul 30, 2016


     Easy repast

     Customer experience is related to the speed and ease. Have accurate menu at the right time, the information is very important. In the past, the business owner has two choices: all day will be a day of 3 eat all of the information displayed in the menu on the board or the use of tilting double-sided menu board.

    By improving the display content to strengthen the user experience

    Digital menu can be adjusted according to the time of the day. Breakfast menu, for example, you can specify 5 o 'clock in the morning to 11 points in this period. At the same time, also provide more flexibility for promotional activities, help arrange the menu, this can also speed up order processing efficiency and accuracy.

    Saving the cost of printing, do more marketing

    A simple price movements or the static menu board replacement, maybe it takes a week (due to the design, approval, printing, transportation, etc.). And if it is digital, it takes only a few minutes to complete the update.

    Increase sales

    Floor type advertisement machine can make the process more simple and automation. Sales order entry system, the screen can display the corresponding projects. A high resolution screen make restaurant with a more attractive image content to capture more customers.

    Digital ready for the challenge?

    But now, the digital screen can't afford to the vagaries of the weather. Rain, snow, hot, cold, such as extreme weather, in the very long period of time could make the digital screen does not work, and it also makes the challenges faced with the unknown. Limit digital screen, however, in the conditions of use, as well as its operation state, etc in direct sunlight, has been solved. Therefore, time display dynamic updating information, etc., also becomes easier.

    The peak of the digital

    Fast food restaurants have a chance to improve customer engagement. This, not only is far better than the other competitors, and also different from other decades still did not improve the drive-thru business management pattern of the merchant. Through digital menu board technology and outdoor advertising machine combination on floor, can promote sales growth, improve the efficiency of service, to create a more pleasant dining experience, also can improve customer loyalty.