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Shenzhen DDW Landing Advertising Machine Application

Jul 26, 2016

    Let's look at the floor type advertisement machine application in the cinema, before we go to the cinema, will find the cinema hall with all kinds of new or upcoming movie posters, we haven't even into the cinema can see all kinds of posters.     Now go to the cinema, this kind of posters to reduce a lot, some theaters and even in the hall is not with posters that take the door, often have a LED digital sign the newly released movie trailer, also in each position of the hall, the deployment of LCD advertising machine, advertising machine typically split screen display: play the movie trailer, and can be shown by subtitles scrolling its ostentation and extravagance, movie time, ticket prices, information release date, and so on.

    Why the cinema application LCD advertising machine? Or LCD advertising machine can bring what kind of convenience for them? First of all, using liquid crystal advertisement machine, designers will be poster design, a key can be released,     proofing, printing and post without intermediate link, the change can also be a key to delete, don't need to waste too much manpower to replace the next batch of posters, full paperless, greener and more efficient; Second, can show more film publicity information per unit area, the area of the poster to occupy is fixed, during the post propaganda, it fails to cover other information, but the LCD advertising machine is looping movie promotion information, can display more information, information is more abundant can be video, text, images, etc., relative words and pictures can attract the attention of the audience, propaganda effect will be better. If the installation of LCD advertising machine also has the function of touch, that customers can choose according to their own needs required information; Increase the film qr code, of course, also can to a certain extent, to strengthen the interaction with customers. This is why cinema started deploying LCD advertising machine.

    Then, look at the console application of advertising machine in the financial business hall, advertising machine for function there are two kinds of different forms of existence: cueing machine or advertising machine. Cueing machine as the name implies: can according to customer required to handle the business, to customers to print out a business number, prompt front how many people are waiting for the customer, also a small credentials as its own business; Another way to exist in the form of advertising machine, is mainly used to promote some of the latest financial information, such as: financial products, funds, bonds, currency and so on. Cueing machine from the customer needs to stand the pain of the line and the line fault, advertising machine let customer waiting for information to look at from time to tome, perhaps even inspire customers to buy financial products accordingly. The best of both worlds, so why not?

    Telecommunications business operating room advertising machine in the application and the financial business hall are similar, but they play the product information will be different.

    Of course, in addition to the above places advertising machine on floor, will use wall-mounted advertising machine. But as for the currently observed, most of its wall hanging or LED digital sign, prompt customers to deal with corresponding business, liquid crystal advertisement machine, there are few use.