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Shanghai Digital Signage Show Displays Market Pulse

Jan 15, 2016

Promote resource conservation in the country's political and economic environment climate, government purchase in the field of demand compared to the big shrink, don't buy the product also tends to be more rational and practical. While the market for digital signage, a large consumer group is also reducing the trading volume of the past, so we need to extend customized solutions.

If just blindly of sought profit and money, and not focused on long-term of strategic market development planning, is not icing on the of, this need many manufacturer acting clear thought, seeks way, will digital signs market as industry to big do strong, development products added value, don't only blindly to covet small Lee, focused Yu quality and service of reasonable positioning, to in exhibition Shang real of has comes.

Interactive touch is still the focus of the digital signage software is good or bad about the success or failure of the market. Smart sense of time makes people powerful technologies on applications. Internet and data leads the life, buying products of "wushiyishenqing" is not in line with future trends, and most of those are still in detour, requires more than mutual learning among domestic manufacturers, also need vertical sharing with foreign manufacturers to complement each other.

Digital signage is still on the road, enough not to discredit the achievements brought about by the digital signage, but better, the future direction of development. The development of the digital signage industry is still bright, gorgeous, take bitter medicine to grow more confident. Only real Rainbow belonging to the digital signage industry.