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Samsung 46 Inch LCD Splicing Screen, Market Is Active.

Jul 27, 2016

    Large LCD splicing market competitive environment changes. Including the change of market brand pattern; This shift in the balance of power between different brands. The change of market pricing power. The three changes market comprehensive cost. This is destined to 2016 LCD splicing market a year to meet the challenge, will also be joining together the formation of a new pattern of the industry market a year.

    In this year, because with the concept of low carbon energy saving deepening, many products are scrambling to play on the "energy saving", "environmental protection", in the "low carbon" is eager to get a gold in the market. In liquid crystal splicing market, therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection LED back light became a hot property, coupled with the continuous development of highlighting the application, the future of LED back light liquid crystal splicing in the field of applications will be more and more broad, become the development trend.

    The LED backlit LCD screen, by contrast, the power consumption of only a few watts, improve power leds, increase brightness, power consumption increase. Whereas ordinary CCFL tube backlit LCD power consumption in more than 30 w, increase in the number of the tubes, brightness increases, power consumption is also multiplied.

    LCD splicing screen using the LED back light makes the picture clearer, higher contrast, also more long service life, better color saturation, ultra-thin appearance, environmental protection and energy saving advantages make LCD splicing screen won many customers in the market.

    At present, the LCD splicing screen mostly adopted LED back light, may well in joining together clear picture on the wall, minimize the viewer's visual blind spots and reduce the visual sense of fragmentation, and the performance is good, stitching seam narrow, very suitable for monitoring environmental applications.