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Perfect For Outdoor Advertising Machine Two Major Requirements

Jul 29, 2016

    Outdoor advertising machine will be able to attract people's attention, to achieve the effect of publicity, mainly on the programming, and the product is novel, beautiful, day John Paul as a professional outdoor advertising vendors would, to introduce you to a perfect outdoor advertising machine must meet the following two requirements.

    1. The chassis, chassis, like clothing, in addition to the beautiful, beautiful color, and the modelling of chassis, style, are important factors in a outdoor advertising machine. Day Paul of outdoor advertising vendors would, no matter from the shape of the shell and the collocation of color, and material selection, the design of the model, has rich experience. Also for the general customers the recognition and acceptance.

    At the same time, the day John Paul outdoor cabinet use galvanized sheet and outdoor powder or aluminum plate and outdoor powder material, can satisfy the outdoor use more than seven years, at the same time, using high perspective, low reflection, zero ultraviolet ray, prevent glare, can cut off more than 50% of the sun radiation, the riot, comply with international safety standard of outdoor LCD glass tempered glass.

    2. Internal configuration: a perfect outdoor advertising machine in addition, gorgeous color, novel modelling, and outdoor advertising machine center, as within the original advertisement machine, day John Paul has always been very seriously, our boards, are the specialist of the test, to ensure the stability of the product internal configuration.

    Because the product is highlighting ads machine, LCD screen using the brightness of the 2500 highlight advertising machine, so the temperature will be very high, but for internal stability, day John Paul in addition to using air conditioning cooling is a set of automatic temperature control system. This system can make advertising machine whether it's the highest temperature and minimum temperature are within the scope of security.