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Parsing The LCD Splicing Screen Application In Various Fields

Jul 21, 2016

Parsing the LCD splicing screen application in various fields

   With the development of all walks of life, promotion of computer technology, as a liquid crystal splicing screen service providers have to improve, people on picture clarity and resolution, high brightness, high contrast are the pursuit of more perfect. The major demand for each big industry, let's grow up quickly, production and meet the demand of the market. As the change of demand, all kinds of large screen in different sectors have different advantages.

    A variety of liquid crystal splicing screen series, LED backlight super bright screen, single, any combination, according to the display function, the built-in digital matrix, can need not matrix. Stitching a signal at the same time, we can also external matrix do more signal any stitching at the same time. This series is widely used on a large screen, involving multiple areas, can be used for security, command center display screen display, the entertainment industry, enterprise information display, advertising media, convention and exhibition center display, factories and mines, electric power, water conservancy, education, organizations, army and mine industry, etc. This large screen has a variety of installations, can be wall-mounted, embedded, floor cabinets, hoisting, TV ark, etc. This series of splicing screen can be set in a manual, timing, cruise, alarm plan and kaleidoscope demonstration, intelligent temperature control and alarm, communication malfunction automatically detect, and other functions, can be full screen, much separately display signal, the whole screen, display in any combination.

LCD splicing screen is currently the most high-end, the most ideal display device, its superior performance, has won a wide recognition. A traffic monitoring center the joining together of curtain wall, for example, more of the time required to watch all images of point to point at the same time, the abnormal situation when a monitory point, can quickly zoom to full screen for all of the monitoring center to watch at the same time. This request in practical application, the splicing curtain wall in the big screen and small screen should be achieved good display effect. And size combination, use more flexible; Stable long service life, low maintenance cost. So many advantages, for the user unit, LCD splicing screen is the best choice.