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Metro New Forces Advertising Screen LCD Splicing Screen Into The Mainstream

Aug 25, 2016
    Shenzhen traffic development is rapid, the so-called domestic subway appearance level of subway operation, finally this month 30, in addition to bring more convenience to travel, but also unconsciously affects People's Daily life, the most obvious is the underground economy, underground economy is also called "orbital economy".
    Are very popular among most people in the underground economy is all the subway advertising, subway advertising generally refers to the range set by all kinds of ads, it is the main form of twelve sealing box, four channel posters, special light boxes, escalator, posters and tunnel interval in carriage LED advertising screen.Similar posters and traditional light box, in the form of group by the development of economy has become increasingly cannot meet the needs of subway advertising, on the other hand the subway posters and light boxes of update and maintenance requires a lot of manpower and material resources, to advertising media and enterprises is also more difficult things, but for LED advertising screen and liquid crystal splicing is particularly convenient, LED advertising screen and liquid crystal splicing, they will play audio, video and image and text display, at the same time can play propaganda enterprise publicity pictures you need.

    For advertising without can adjust the display brightness of their own, can also according to the requirement of the metro advertising display booths for seamless splicing and intelligent adjust brightness and color of the operation, the LCD splicing is better subway advertising display solutions.LCD splicing screen USES is LED light source backlighting system, can according to the use of metro advertising demand, realize the image segmentation of single or multiple screen changed larger function: single partition display, single separate display, any combination, full screen, LCD splicing, double stitching LCD splicing screen, vertical screen display, image border optional compensation or cover, support for digital signal of roaming, scaling stretching, across the screen display, all kinds of display program up and running, full hd signal real-time processing.

    Liquid crystal splicing is now also widely used in airport, railway, subway, highway transportation industry, at the same time is also used in Banks, airports, government offices, shopping centers, exhibition hall, housing sales hall and other places of life.As a display area of professional products manufacturer - SHENZHEN DDW TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, his years of experience, continuous innovation, have the courage to break through to provide clients with the highest cost-effective products, and constantly improve after-sales team, improving the quality of after-sales service, make the user more reliable brand!