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Liquid Crystal Splicing Screen Gives You Meeting A New Experience

Dec 22, 2016

    Along with the advance of the Internet technology development, the design of the modern conference rooms will intelligence to improve constantly, make full use of color, light from the structure of the meeting room type, space division, meeting the display of indoor potted plants, tables and chairs, etc., but when it comes to the meeting room of display devices, many people may think of first is the projector, projector products display quality is not so clear, however, highlighting, short service life, easy to bad to reach the desired effect, it highlighted the disadvantages of the projector products one by one.

    Modern conference room if you don't use liquid crystal splicing screen that will OUT, LCD splicing screen is set by editing, animation, audio and video integration of automatic screening equipment, built the good meeting atmosphere for the modern conference room and achieve efficient communication and interaction, and improve the publicity of the meeting content, to implement the informatization, automation in the meeting room.

    The composition of modern meeting room equipment is more and more advanced, meeting room contains a multi-function meeting rooms, academic exchange conference hall, multifunctional international conference hall, modern training room, the operations function such as integration, the production of liquid crystal splicing screen, meet the needs of the modern conference room and at the same time LCD splicing scheme is also the most important part of modern conference room.

    LCD splicing screen with high quality color resolution, brightness can be adjusted intelligent, color saturation, automatic temperature control, and other functions at the same time with low power consumption, no radiation, dust, moisture, seismic performance, can according to the requirement of the user to input signal, choose different video processing system, realize all kinds of signal switching, joining together into a full screen display, any combination display, image stretching, roaming image display, image superposition, etc. In addition, multiple input/output interface to ensure the function of the LCD splicing screen has greater compatibility and flexibility, more meet the different needs of different meetings.

    DDW splicing solutions provider, as the industry for many years has been committed to the plan of innovation and product development, the concept of quality and service first to talk, to meet the market demand, market consumption, make the enterprise sustainable development, the eternal vitality.