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Liquid Crystal Display Technology Mature Splicing Wall

Jul 26, 2016

LCD splicing screen has the advantages of:

    A contour integration, the whole hardware architecture, the work is very stable, has a strong sense of times, science and technology. At present, the strength of the two different types of science and technology, only 40 inch and 46 inch respectively adopted two kinds of different specifications of the LCD panel. Product appearance can choose detached or metope. Especially detached a whole screen, adopts the advanced zui coating process, ensure the external case color is beautiful and durability, suitable for indoor all sorts of occasions. Splicing screen wall type, its advantage is not restricted by the number of units, infinite joining together.

    Two is really full hd, experience the perfect visual feast. The BBC series adopts full hardware, independent chip embedded     LCD splicing processing ways, make the image signal real presents 1920 * 1080 p hd resolution. Embedded LCD splicing way, with its can be independent of the display unit of the white balance, brightness, contrast and resolution to adjust the stitching quality. At the same time, the built-in 3 d down dry function, make the image clear outline, screen more smooth, have the ACE - 3 image color processing, the color performance ability, high brightness, high contrast, and excellent color saturation and administrative levels. The technology also has strong stability, fast start, easy to use and the advantages of the small volume. Due to their treatment, so the stitching on the number of units in theory can be infinite.

    3 it is controlled by the software, realize the picture in picture, image roaming, switching multiple figure show function. In the process of application in the field of video monitoring, LCD splicing without can realize the whole screen large screen display, also to implement multiple small screen display. Flexible operation, fast response speed, control software can control the light system. For example, requirements to show all images of point to point at the same time, the abnormal situation when a monitory point, can switch by the software, will enlarge rapidly to the full screen picture.

    Four is to support multiple video equipment access at the same time. Products with the analog video signal and the digital video signal in stitching is displayed on the screen at the same time function, and the input signal shown quickly and smoothly.

    Fifth, independent research and development, the product with high cost performance. LCD splicing screen of beautiful shape, compact structure, good equipment heat dissipation performance, convenient operation, low electromagnetic radiation, strong anti-jamming capability, motherboard after EMI test, the whole machine conform to the requirements of the     EMC design, more humanized interface, with automatic protection system, more than the preset standard will start after protection, make you more at ease, use more secure, low maintenance cost and system function of escalating, has the very high cost performance.

    Widespread application of intelligent video surveillance technology is more and more high to the requirement of terminal display. Liquid crystal is the most high-end, the most ideal display device, its superior performance, has won wide acceptance. LCD liquid crystal splicing wall used as the splicing unit, overcomes the drawback of DLP and PDP curtain wall, provides an excellent performance, the use of flexible LCD splicing curtain wall.