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LED Big Screen In The Outdoor Media Is Playing An Important Role.

Jul 11, 2016

Time flies, along with the progress of science and technology, the outdoor media also ushered in new changes. Today, LED big screen in the outdoor media is playing an important role.


In the country, with the rapid development of urbanization and the popularity of LED big screen, LED big screen more and more popular, advertising worth doubled. Here we take a look at home only those nouveau riche to play outdoor LED large screen up.


360 LED Nanjing new floor at the top of the screen


Nanjing Center at the top floor of LED display scene in Xinjiekou first high-rise, "Nanjing Center" the Nanjing City origin, new roof, is Nanjing only on the top of the tall building 360 degree LED display screen. The screen to 249 meters in height, shoulder to shoulder the whole city, 360 degree four panoramic layout presentation, 2000 square meters of a huge lead "show" Nanjing, radiation range is wide, visible distance, strong visual impact, spread effect better, under the city sky, elegant fashion, dazzling and Nanjing Center hand in photograph reflect, fangruo mosaic in fashion landmark bright crown.

According to reports, Nanjing new building a world-class architectural design company design Hefeide france. The appearance of the image and modern romance, through by the "circle" to the "party" winding changes, the screen every day broadcast 60 times, every 15 seconds, a week about ten million yuan is Nanjing the most expensive advertising screen.


Guanyin Bridge, Chongqing, Asia's largest LED screen


Chongqing Guanyin Bridge district outdoor LED big screen is one of the important projects Guanyin Bridge district landscape upgrade project, with a total investment of 4000 yuan. It is understood that this total area of about 3363 square meters of LED screen, with reference to the New York times square LED screen design, is Asia's largest LED display.

It is understood that, at present, the rental price of this LED screen has not been determined, however, only the bottom 608 square meters of horizontal screen, the initial price of 5 minutes to rent is about 3 yuan.



Shanghai Huangpu River the Bund Menara Citibank external wall LED display


Shanghai Bund, Huangpu River in the Citigroup Building Exterior LED display is located in Pudong Citigroup tower wall, facing the Bund Sightseeing, financial services, luxury goods consumption area, government officials, business reception must pass through! A huge area, very visual impact! China's first outdoor screen, an area of 6000 square meters. It is one of the most famous night view of Huangpu River.

As the operator of a piece of the world's largest outdoor LED, Binjiang star media websites offer is 60 times a day, every 15 seconds. The quotation of a month is 30 million yuan; and a specified period of time one hour package screen price is also 30 million yuan, Shanghai called the most expensive.


Beijing Pangu LED display


Pangu LED display position from the bird's nest 500 meters, facing the water cube 180 meters distance in a straight line, and the venue seamless. Four screen LianBo, LED combination of the country's largest, with a total area of 2600 square meters, East, South, West three surround convey advertising effect.

Adjacent to the North Fourth Ring Main Road superior geographical location, the daily amount of 220 million people, 100 million car traffic, to promote the commercial circulation, to guide the public consumption, to beautify the urban space of outdoor media to lead the coordinates. Pangu inside the high-end consumer groups Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing: convergence top business, tourism, leisure, entertainment, world leaders, businessmen, celebrities, Aston gathered, a large number of high-end floating population formed a strong internal consumption field. Superior geographical position, its advertising prices are not cheap, according to the Beijing Yafeng Advertising Co., the quoted price is 1060000 yuan 5 second /60 times.


Sheraton Chongqing international financial center LED outdoor advertising screen


Chongqing Nan bin Lu telescopic LED light curtain project is located in Chongqing City, nabinlu Sheraton international business building. Using the most advanced lifting soft screen, the world's first patented technology - telescopic bright screen technology, high definition, can reach the TV playback, advertising screen coverage of the north shore of the Yangtze River 2 km above can clearly visible. At present, this screen has a height of 100 meters, 25 meters wide, a total of more than 2500 square meters is Chongqing and southwest region is the largest of a piece of LED advertising screen.