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LCD Splicing Screen Makes No Dead Angle Of 360 Degrees Of Visual Space

Dec 27, 2016

    A stage, whether the brilliance dazzling display device depends on the stage, as China's new song or is the annual Spring Festival gala stage appeared everywhere LCD splicing screen, splicing screen with super clear visual effects attracted the audience's attention, especially in the stage of the four-walled fantastic luster of the most deadly.

    This dream-like fairyland scenario is to use the LCD splicing screen foil, foil by liquid crystal splicing screen out beauty will give stage, images, lighting presents a special stage, a visual feast, to give people left a deep and unforgettable memories. But the audience is often just the visual effect of magnificent stage, but don't know luxuriant behind the need to use a lot of LED splicing screen and set up a professional large screen display system and image content to support the lamplight, DDW as LCD splicing screen commercial display solutions provider, thought the joining together of each stage provides the perfect solution.

    Due to the particularity of the application stage, hanging outside the building wall, thickness, volume unit weight is more sensitive indicators, such as emperor of emperor ai LCD splicing screen surface is equipped with the original high strength tempered glass protective layer, good compressive shock effect, and prevent dropping machine packaging design innovation, make the LCD splicing screen on stage blossom out the visual effect of the dream is like a dazzling unreal.

    DDW incorporates the latest LED back light technology, independent research and development of "anti-aliasing stream processing technology" can make low pixel image clear representation in full hd display, can let the audience when watching more clear picture of shock, thus forming a new aesthetic function. At the same time, in order to consider all the audience visual, DDW using liquid crystal splicing technology will stage performances magnified, make the display more dynamic, dream, to create "360 - degree without dead Angle" visual space. People don't need to be close to the stage can also appreciate the exquisite art performance, meet the audience's visual experience.

    Of course the DDW in quality and service to achieve perfection, there is no best, only better. Programme will continue to continuous innovation, only continuous innovation to achieve new heights, to present, immersive visual enjoyment to customers.