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LCD Splicing Screen For The Future Development Direction

Dec 28, 2016

    LCD splicing the LCD back light life is ten times the display the light bulb, the most advantage and projection don't lies in the fact that BSR LCD splicing technology is more mature, energy saving is obvious; Relative to the DLP and PDP, LCD's service life is very long, and low power, calorific value, low failure rate, stable performance support 7 * 24 hours work, later maintenance costs low.

    Seamless splicing screen LCD Compared with other splicing screen technology advantage According to data show that in the current three mainstream display technology, DLP screen splicing of the market share accounted for 48% of the overall market, LCD accounted for 44%, almost catch up with the share of the city of DLP, PDP share decline, only 6%, small spacing LED splicing screen occupied 2%; The LCD splicing screen market development potential to be valued by the industry.

    LCD splicing compared with big screen ultra narrow edge series, etc., can all meet the needs of customers, can use a more flexible according to the requirements in any combination, infinite joining together to meet the needs of different places. Along with the development of the splicing technology, its bottleneck flat-fell seam also gradually make substantive breakthrough, fully guarantee the integrity of the display screen, with large size DLP rear projection and PDP plasma splicing unit showed advantages also make up for the installation of transport and a series of inevitable problems.

    LCD splicing technology advantage compared with other stitching screen, domestic large screen market after more than a decade of precipitation test and still maintained a rapid development trend, the PDP in the LCD splicing screen market, DLP, LCD splicing three splicing technology becoming the mainstream market; LCD splicing technology is the rise of emerging after the PDP, DLP splicing technology technology, but its with other display that the high definition, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, and a series of high quality display advantage highly favored by users, by widespread application security, entertainment, advertising, and many other industries.

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