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LCD Advertising Display Market Broke Out

Mar 10, 2016

LCD interactive market broke out

Development of digital signage is being ushered in the best opportunity of industry, at the same time, the retail industry change intensified, continues to accelerate the pace of integration of resources, both traditional electricity sales channels development, or physical retail online penetration, are catalyzed by a wave of O2O and emerging markets. DDW technology researchers said that LCD advertising display is facing an intelligent transformation: from a single application, single function and experience, upgrade to integrate various application and function, in order to achieve more based on data analysis and other related value-added applications. It has put forward new requirements to the enterprise's ability of research and development and market research level. To this end, DDW technology pioneered in the industry to integrate a variety of applications and functions, support multi-screen touch and a variety of operating systems, the effective linkage of intelligent store touch machine equipment.


Change in market demand also affect the entire digital signage industry product mix and sales, while in a new round of competition, accelerate the shuffle makes the entire industry brand concentration further increased. DDW technology marketing department responsible person said, a brand advantage will with the outbreak of the mass market and highlights, on the other hand will also promote the Digital Signage Industry as a whole and strengthen brand awareness, toward normalization sustained development.


For the current development of the advertising machine market, and now has the characteristics of the industry differentiation. DDW science and technology researchers said that in the outdoor advertising machine market, the media industry, the market share of more than 70%, mainly to the information display, such as commercial real estate, transportation and other large screen demand. DDW science and technology researchers said, with the impetus of Internet plus, O2O, smart city, the transformation of commercial real estate industry towards the brand competition, information release more and more outdoor, promoted to enhance the overall market share of the whole outdoor advertising machine.


The indoor display, media and retail business is still large market segments, which together account for nearly 60%, up 10 percent. DDW technology researchers said, with the landing calls for countries to build a service-oriented government, government, transportation and other areas of the market demand is gradually released, the market continues to heat up, also due to the indoor space Co. of products are mainly concentrated in the 40-49 inch based, market share of close to 30% and 60-79 product proportion in continued to improve, growth of 2 percentage points, compared to the same period had a nearly 10 percentage points, and more like 80 inches of above products proportion fell slightly.


It is noteworthy is that the lack of brand leadership, market differentiation serious, uneven products has restricted to enhance the overall level of digital signage, and the problem with the development of Digital Signage Industry to upgrade the overall level, needs to improve the. According to DDW technology market insiders by 2019, the indoor and outdoor advertising machine market sales respectively, are expected to more than 180 million, 12 million units, the compound growth rate were more than 24%, 36%.


Facing the increasingly fierce market competition environment, in terms of the current, the user experience of interactive advertising machine needs to be strengthened, and the user interface is the most intuitive user interface is the most intuitive user experience. For example, intelligent advertising display charging pile charging pile is a new attempt to profit model. According to DDW technology, advertising profitability has always been one of the options for the rapid recovery of the cost of the industry. According to the State Council plan, to 2020 the country to build nearly 4 million 800 thousand charging piles, which even if only 1 million are smart advertising charging pile, is expected to have 30 billion yuan of advertising market size.


Therefore, DDW technology R &D department in the design of the products always follow the thinking pattern of the consumer, with the use of mobile electronic device with outstanding products and mobile phones, touch, tablet pen, the size of the screen touch interaction. Equipped with mobile Internet, data, statistical analysis of the trend of the factors such as active integration and so on. So as to create a variety of applications and functions of integration, multi-screen and multi-screen touch control system, the effective linkage of smart shops touch one machine equipment, by the market's hot pursuit.