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Interactive Electronic Whiteboard Multi-touch Application

Dec 28, 2016

    As the multi-touch technology is widely used in the field of mobile phones, computers and so on, with optical technology, interactive teaching product application solutions, implements multi-touch function, cooperate with the animation and 3 d effects show the rich and powerful software function, breaking the original electronic whiteboard disadvantages, with the perfect touch and interactive experience, ushered in the "third revolution" of the electronic whiteboard, also for the majority of teachers to build a situation more rich, novel, diverse teaching environment, ushered in a new era of electronic teaching.

    Traditional education with intelligent interactive electronic whiteboard's biggest flaw is that its writing restricted to just one person. This and the traditional blackboard mode can be between teachers and students, or students, many people are writing at the same time formed the obvious contrast. To can be only one person writing electronic whiteboard products, if the class blackboard writing students need to do a presentation, so it need a long waiting time for class, the students will write a blackboard writing one by one line. This is obviously not conducive to improve the classroom efficiency of customer requirements. Adopts advanced intelligent multi-touch technology, electronic whiteboard products can simultaneously identify more touch points, as well as the relationship between these touch points. The people at the same time blackboard demo provides technical basis. Although multi-touch technology application in the teaching is still in its infancy, but in the industry have pointed out that in other industries have been relatively mature multi-touch technology, education market into the era of electronic whiteboard is no more "technical difficulties".

    Interactive multi-touch electronic whiteboard mainly by two CCD cameras and the infrared radiation around the device realize touch function, compared with the existing infrared touch screen, it has a fast response, higher precision, better characteristics of writing fluency, has realized the touch screen and sensor, integration of the operation. Creative is kam in addition to the multi-touch technology, multi-touch technology to break the existing concept of touch screen, the touch screen no longer limited to simply click on the touch, it can not only shrinkage, swing, also can zoom in the page, and pushes against any object, you can instinctively and natural operations such as scaling, rotation and notation, make a touch more light, smooth, touch the experience will ascend to a new height, fully reflects the unique charm of human-computer interaction.