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Hotels, Building Network Advertising Machine Plan Analysis

Dec 27, 2016

    Along with development of China's commercial and office and hotel industry, office buildings and hotels are now moving in the digital, networked, information-based direction, building with the hotel network advertising machine has become a focal point of the advertising media market, and the network advertising system network BBS (village) in the field of hotel high income of the advertising market leading technology advantage.

    System overview

    With the rapid development of information industry, network information publishing system to become the latest trend, the original single hotel advertising machine, it is hard to maintain, have update program is convenient wait for a problem. Schindler, network advertising machine is based on network platform, it distributed regional management technology unique to realize the network automatically update advertising programs, unified management. Through the system, the hotel can easily build multimedia advertising information network, unified release of information.

    DDW network advertising machine with high quality will be video encoding, audio signal, image information and transmission through the network to the scrolling marquee advertising machine box, then the player will convert the video display terminal signal combined multimedia information broadcast, in addition to play the financial information, also can real-time news, weather forecast, property notice instant information, such as in the first place will be the most fresh information is passed to the audience.

    System structure diagram

    Internet advertising machine

    System composition

    DDW network advertising machine by the broadcast management center, network platform, broadcast box and a display terminal of four parts.

Broadcast management center:

    Center made workstations broadcast management workstation, server, media and other parts. The administrator can through the network to realize the centralized management and control of the player, such as material management, program editing, content transmission, real-time information, etc. The main features include audio media production workstation collection, non-linear editing, post-production, media format conversion, etc.

Network platform:

    Can be all kinds of network transmission lines, including Ethernet, DDN, WLAN, ADSL, CDMA, GPRS, etc

    Play box:

    DDW network advertising machine is professional for advertising and multimedia information broadcast intelligent media terminal, is currently the most advanced "focus media playback equipment. Broadcast advertising machine box USES the single chip embedded system design, plug and play, don't dye virus, don't crash. The device supports a variety of audio and video and image format, and can realize video, audio, images, and the combination of the scrolling marquee and other multimedia information broadcasting, broadcast quality can achieve outstanding high-definition TV quality. Advertising machine through the network management software, can remote unified management and control of distribution on the network platform of tens of thousands of network broadcast box. Network broadcast box has timing on/off at the same time, timing, dormancy, boot automatically broadcast, the program of intelligent functions such as automatic updates.

    Display terminal:

    Including LCD TV (LCD), plasma display (PDP), the LED large screen, the screen splicing display wall of CRT monitors, and so on.

    The system characteristics

    1. The professional function

    Integrated information editing, transmission, broadcast and terminal management, real-time monitoring, the function of the complete, professional Settings, fully meet the different industries, different needs of users.

    2. The flexible management mode

    Unique partition group management mode, adopting the distributed management, support the remote or local control, remote control management way diversification, make it easy for users to manage a large number of terminals.

    3. High stability

    Embedded design, are not affected by computer virus attack, plug and play, safe and reliable.

    4. Strong extensibility

    Based on a network platform, adopting the distributed design, are free to set the number of players. Open system interface to facilitate information and control system integration.

    5. The humanized operation design

    Without professional equipment, concise and friendly user interface, easy to operate.

    6.To tailor

    According to the customer's need to customize various system functions, such as split screen display, etc.