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Extreme HD DDW 4K All In One Touch Screen Display

Jul 10, 2016

In the large-size LCD display industry, if the seamless likened to a "appetizer", the 4K display is definitely considered "signature dish." The large display screen in order to achieve a fine display, high resolution is an essential element, which is the subject of much favor 4k display key. It is reported that, on the film of Science and Technology in May launched a new fifth-generation multimedia touch one 4K and 4K intelligent liquid crystal display system widely recognized in the industry, its sales have been high.


DDW fifth-generation multimedia touch one of its 4K equipped with a variety of sizes, with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 of 4K / UHD IPS ten-point touch screen, the pixel density of up to 185PPI, viewing angle up to 178 °, able to cover 100 % of the sRGB color gamut, showing us a more complete, accurate, rich and vivid colors, whether text read or watch videos, will give us a visual feast.


4K, having a standard resolution of a new generation of Hollywood. DDW biotechnology research and development personnel, we are at home watching it differs from the so-called high-definition television (1080P, 1920 × 1080 resolution), but also different from traditional digital cinema 2K resolution large screen (2048 × 1080 resolution), but It has a 4096 × 2160 resolution, ultra-fine screen. The analogy is simple: you are at home to see high-definition television screen 207 million pixels, whereas in the conventional digital cinema to see 221 million pixels picture in 4K cinema, to see 8.85 million pixels high clear picture.


DDW this 4K screen provided by LG, the dramatic increase in the number of pixels can be achieved obviously more delicate display, you will find a normal viewing distance is difficult to find the edges or corners of the pixel application icon, the overall color performance is more prominent. Technical staff found that if not a video enthusiast, noted that it may be difficult to enhance the color area, but you can see the application icon color is more pure, true, this is a good change.


Fifth-generation multimedia 4K touch one ergonomic and aesthetic principles of design models, nice, very modern. Streamlined one-piece cabinet, simple and comfortable; high-quality cold-rolled steel material, the overall all-steel; all-metal surface paint process, completely moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-acid, for a variety of different environments; cabinet containing a power control system, stereo sound system, external ATX host switching, high-performance axial fan, stable and reliable performance.


Biotechnology research and development personnel, the product according to the actual characteristics of ordinary primary and secondary schools, can completely replace the "Projector + computer + audio amplifier + + HD video booth electronic platform" and other traditional complex teaching mode, only one device can meet the multi-media teaching demand. Multimedia teaching environment is developed in a conventional audio-visual and computer equipment on the basis of both the teaching, research papers, conferences, comprehensive research, demonstration and exchange of distance learning, tele change volume, remote class, the topic and remote, remote conferencing, etc. .


The series includes different models 55,65,70,84,98 inch, by video Technology fifth-generation multimedia 4K touch one touch function to meet the academic reports, meetings, academic exchanges, multimedia teaching, teaching and remote site education requires a comprehensive, intelligent management system and a good audio and video effects; better meet the comprehensive presentation, seminar through a variety of resources, slides, transparencies, multimedia courseware, video tapes, DVD / SVCD / VCD, and other physical data, live requirements, has a good effect of visual experience.