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Effective Digital Signage System Displays To Choose

Jan 15, 2016

Resolution to depending on demand, should not blindly chase fashion

As display terminals, digital signage displays first thing to consider is the clarity. On currently,, market Shang not only has 1080p of full HD products, more has 4 k even 8K of products, true, resolution more high, picture quality more good, but, user in actual purchase in the, must not blind pursuit high resolution, because, this not only means with more high of input cost, and, to wants to reached established of using effect, also need Super clear content tie, and nowadays, market Shang of 4K, and 8K content also is limited, to guarantee digital signs content of timely update, does not easy.

Product layout fully into account the surrounding environment

Actual purchase in the, to ensure digital signs display reached best of application effect, industry user must to full consider installation around of environment factors, including environment light, and temperature, and humidity, and dust,, according to different of application environment, user can targeted select products, like, for indirect or directly Sun irradiation of environment, to select highlighted products, to ensure displayed content clear visible; in dust compared serious, and humidity changeable of places, like, outdoor, will select has dust, and moisture design of products.