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Domestic LCD Splicing Wall Display Is Fierce Market Advantage And Trend Analysis

Jul 27, 2016

    With the traditional display enterprise focusing on the terminal display, security vendors involved in the display, success will be, according to the business from the front camera extends to end products covered the whole industry chain form. Era of projection analysis, security is a very comprehensive application in the field of market, includes the military, energy, transportation, electric power industry, and other popular application, project complex degree is high, based on efficiency and cost considerations, the industry is considered a "one-stop services, users will have full product line of security companies certainly has a prominent advantage in this respect.

    Have display products of security companies, in practice, it can be the front camera, the back-end storage devices such as tie-in sale and display products, more efficient solution integration, improve the effect of building and to a certain extent, the compression cost, win the favor of the industry users. At the same time, due to cover the whole industry chain, say security companies will gain more industry, thus more initiative in market competition. It was also because of this, in the display market, security companies although admission later, but the market share is growing very rapidly, and even beyond the professional the display of the enterprise.

    Is limited by technical threshold, security companies into the display industry mostly chose the LCD screen, which means that security companies almost certainly for the already competitive LCD industry added a fire. AVC data statistics show that as early as 2011 years, big screen splicing in the market and command scheduling and video monitoring, became one of the main application field of more than 70% of the total sales market sales. In the past two years, in urban wisdom, campus safety, the security projects, under the impetus of the security market to further expand the scale.

    Liquid crystal display (LCD) advantage

    On the big screen on the market the PDP, DLP, LCD splicing three splicing technology becoming the mainstream market, with its liquid crystal display (LCD) in other screens do not have high definition, high brightness, high contrast, high color saturation, and a series of high quality display advantage highly favored by users, by widespread application security, entertainment, advertising, and many other industries.

    According to data show that in the current three mainstream display technology, DLP screen splicing of the market share accounted for 48% of the overall market, LCD accounted for 44%, almost catch up with the share of the city of DLP, PDP share decline, only 6%, small spacing LED splicing screen occupied 2%; The LCD splicing screen market development potential to be valued by the industry. Liquid crystal splicing compared with other big screen market display screen LCD splicing products rich various size is complete. Along with the development of the splicing technology, flat-fell seam bottleneck also gradually make substantive breakthrough, fully guarantee the integrity of the display screen, with large size DLP rear projection and PDP plasma splicing unit of large screen display advantage at the same time, it made up for its existence in the transport installation and a series of inevitable problems.

    LCD splicing the LCD back light life is ten times the display the light bulb, the most advantage and projection don't lies in the fact that BSR LCD splicing technology is more mature, energy saving is obvious; Relative to the DLP and PDP, LCD's service life is very long, and low power, calorific value, low failure rate, stable performance support 7 * 24 hours work, later maintenance costs low.

    Overall development trend of LCD splicing system to the large screen, high resolution, high brightness, high contrast and modular structure design and easy to install, manage, and control the direction of development. The foreseeable is single size will be bigger and bigger, the resolution of the display will be more and more high, the brightness of the display will also be increased gradually. The large screen splicing display unit can be used independently as a screen, and can be spliced applications, liquid crystal Mosaic series products is moving into the direction of large size, in order to meet the demand of industries of large screen display.

    The LCD splicing only technically problems, lies in the splicing gap. Though the narrow edge series LCD splicing screen have stronger images of the whole, but based on the goal of seamless splicing, narrowed splicing gap, until completely eliminate splicing gap, this is one of the focuses of all LCD splicing manufacturers need to work on the direction.


    Liquid crystal display device has the advantages of lightweight, but as a special display device, its installation and debugging is quite complex and important link, in order to realize the function of the system in daily application, often need to equipped with other equipments, such as matrix, distributor, cables and so on.

    At present, many manufacturers are trying to make the installation structure becomes simple. To this end, the LCD splicing domestic advanced modular structure design, built-in high-performance splicing processing module and other unique technology, such as built-in digital matrix, makes the installation, management of the splicing display system is very convenient. Modular design makes the system at installation time without complex wiring, only need to access the equipment can be realized in the power cord and network operation. And management also is very convenient and only through powerful professional splicing control software for LCD splicing system for management and control. This design greatly reduces the splice screen installation and management costs. Therefore, modularity is splicing unit for a period of time in the future, the development trend of splicing unit modular structure, will make the installation will be more and more simple.

Digital Gao Qinghua

    People to the requirements of the hd display led display technology by leaps and bounds, security monitoring interface technology commonly used cannot be achieved, according to a 1080 p use appropriate interface compatible with the existing system, is the key to realize digital Gao Qinghua. Hd-sdi interface, completely meet the demands of the development of digital high-definition, and have long transmission distance, interface compatible, has a standard can be based on, the advantages of the plug and play, can realize digital Gao Qinghua.


    LCD splicing wall is composed of multiple LCD splicing unit patchwork, due to the differences between each LCD unit, and after long time use, different display unit will present a different color. So make sure the color of the display unit, the uniformity of brightness consistency, flat-fell seam the edge of the alignment is very important, has been committed to the integrity of the splicing images is realized by using different techniques. In order to facilitate the operation of the system and management, the technology into the design of more intelligent.