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Domain Touch All-in-one PC Power Development Of China's Education Cause

Aug 01, 2016

    G3 (China: Beijing time on June 14, news, touch screen net news in China, with the deepening of the two meetings "education reform", "Internet + education" to "sharing education" to "intelligence education" has become a hot topic in the peoples attention, according to the ministry of education issued by the education informationization work key point of 2016, this year the national primary and secondary school Internet access rate will reach 95%, basic implementation of countrywide middle and primary school has multi-media teaching conditions, school all ordinary classrooms equipped with multimedia teaching equipment proportion of urban and rural primary and secondary schools reached 80% and 80% respectively... , at this moment, interactive intelligent touch-screen display will surely become an indispensable part of the education equipment, including interactive smart touch all-in-one PC (commonly known as electronic whiteboard) combined with traditional writing teaching will be the inevitable trend of the modern Internet + education.

    Countries promote environmental protection and energy saving products such as long development. Touch screen at the same time of reducing energy consumption and reduce the light pollution. And the requirements of the projector to light is very harsh, ambient light too bright will directly affect the product performance, touch screen is very good solve the problem, it is not affected by the outside light interference, also won't like ordinary electronic whiteboard, encounter dark can't see, or produce reflective.

Domain touch all-in-one PC is a combination. Dispense with the projector, projection screen, acoustics, connection controller and cumbersome regulation trival things, also avoid the common electronic whiteboard meet block on the projector light will affect the image effect of inconvenience, in the era of the pace of life more quickly, convenient is efficiency.

    Touch the all-in-one domain development independent research and development domain show not only bring large screen display to the user, high-definition, enjoy high quality, and its new version upgrade of interactive electronic whiteboard software for the school to build more healthy, more intelligent and more humanized teaching environment; The software page using mainly eyecare grind arenaceous green background; Have writing screen change function, when the teacher write on the screen when the screen will automatically dimming, protect vision, the teacher after writing screen will automatically light, is advantageous for the classroom the students more clearly see the screen writing content; Not only healthy and more humanized.

In response to government policy application solutions lead the new trend of the education

In today's education industry, multimedia education as a kind of information-based teaching mode and method, made great achievements in the development and progress at the same time also received widespread recognition. Because whether kindergarten, primary, secondary, university, or vocational education, interactivity is indispensable, domain exhibition touch all-in-one PC just have the advantage. So, domain touch machine widely used in education in these areas.

    According to the ministry of education of the new curriculum reform and the requirements of "three links two platform", multimedia touch all-in-one PC, high/sd automatic tracking straight recorded intelligent system as the important constitute part of the interactive touch straight recorded intelligent system, in JiaoJiao, between classes, parent-school visualization, and interactive remote interactive teaching and learning, comprehensively implement the sharing "three links".

    Therefore, national policy to promote more walk more wide, the LCD touch all-in-one PC market affects the development and mature gradually. Scientific judgment, LCD touch all-in-one PC demand has increased trend in the future, should be focus on products, energy conservation, environmental protection, intelligent, the industry brings the convenience of self-evident.