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Digital Signage On The Economic Trend Become A New Economic Growth Point

Jan 15, 2016

In 2015, China's economy continues a slow downward trend, measures were hard, large investment and infrastructural projects promoting slow and funds into the stock market sharply, investment in fixed assets continues to decline ... ... Digital signage as a part of commercial display area is developing very fast in 2015, growth has been slower than expected, but the overall size is still growing. Aoweiyun network data (AVC) analysis, the digital signage market is expected to early recovery in the domestic economy as a whole. This economic backdrop, aoweiyun network data (AVC) to assess the data in 2015, the digital signage market is expected to more than 1.61 million units, an increase of 5.6%, and down nearly 7% in 2014, growth was lower than expected.

The concept of digital signage as an application, including indoor and outdoor advertising, as well as applied to commercial information TV, large screen LCD monitors, stitching and other products. In 2015, the advertising market has become the biggest segment of the market, sales are expected to nearly 850,000 units, market growth 21% flat compared with last year, the market share is expected to exceed 52%. In advertising, indoor advertising, sales accounted for more than 95%.