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Digital Signage Media Player Provider DDW Announced Its New Engine Core 650 Enclosure For Media Players

Apr 29, 2016

The 19-inch enclosure is designed to accommodates multiple DDW Digital Engine media players for better and more secure storage, the company said in a press release. The Engine Core 650 has been designed for the DDW Digital Engine platform and can also accommodate Digital Engine-sized KVM switches and RDMs.


The construction is designed to allow for integration into any cabinet following the industrial 19-inch standard, so all systems are safely secured in a central environment.


The Engine Core 650 supports up to seven systems, the company said, and six systems if an RDM is included. 


DDW Corporate Director Steven said in the announcement that the enclosure is ideal for heavy duty surveillance and digital signage control.


"The DDW Engine Core 650 is the most flexible in its class," Steven said. "We've evolved the Engine Core and expanded its features in response to customer interest."


The company said the EC650 has been designed with robustness and security in mind and its small size, dust filter, two heavy duty fans and universal sliding rail mount are intended to make it easy to incorporate in most server environments. It also features a lockable front door and a securable top lid.


Key features of the enclosure include:


Up to seven DE devices (six front, one back);

Universal sliding rail mount;

Front dust filter;

Using RDM, six-time redundancy; and

Lockable front door and top lid.