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Digital Signage Into New LED Displays With Small Spacing Battlefield

Jan 15, 2016

To show small spacing LED display of different, most manufacturers will traditional LED display cannot hit of indoor application as has publicity of focus, also is in this opinion of guide Xia, March indoor market, eroded DLP mosaic screen, and LCD mosaic screen traditional of strong market seems to became has small spacing LED products application success of only logo, and ignored has its in outdoor market application of inherent advantage and has yet to be development of huge value.

Of course, this bias occurs, a large part of it is a LED display bottleneck in traditional outdoor markets. With LED screens increasing complaints of light pollution, LED displays in public places was introduced as much management standard, large-screen outdoor installation approval more and more difficult, in the traditional outdoor markets, LED display is far more likely to have a major breakthrough. When the lack of extensive management to promote the sustained development of the industry, refining operations will become the only choice, and the rise of two LED display is an excellent opportunity, digital signage (ads) is one of them.