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DDW Taught You How To Big LCD Splicing Correct Debugging

Aug 29, 2016

    Liquid crystal splicing features: single use, used as a display use, joining together to a big screen. According to different use requirements can realize single partition display, single separate display, any combination, full screen, LCD splicing, double stitching LCD splicing screen, vertical screen display, image border optional compensation or cover, support for digital signal of roaming, scaling stretching, across the screen display, all kinds of display program up and running, full hd signal real-time processing of changed larger function.

    For LCD splicing is intact finished product, namely the hanging box, whether single or multiple LCD splicing installation is very simple, but it is not that simple big screen display system. After the installation, to one of the most important link - debug! Only debugging success can really work. But in the process of debugging, there may be some corresponding problems, such as: video wall system debugging program appear image is not clear; In low light, the edges of the blurred image, high resolution source of interference fringe image gives a stack or the feeling of lost cause the results is Mosaic images of LCD does not contain a specific phenomenon, is not can use. And so on, the following is for everyone to parsing problem:

    First: take time to check the first cycle, for inspection, will be deleted, once the issue is resolved, you can save time can be in the other parts of the inspection.

    One by one, only in this way point to point, to form a terminal display resolution and signal display resolution, if you don't solve this problem, was left out on all equipment to verify it video signal: 1, if we need to rely on to the finish; 2, display format, it will greatly improve the brightness of the image; 3, replace equipment display terminal zoom you can increase the conversion device, such as by using the properties of the change of the signal, can improve the VGA video signal of the video signal.

    Second: please see institutions, in order to make the loss to a minimum standard?? The distance within the scope of the image and signal source impedance bandwidth between matrix switcher.

    Third: focus and display device is normal, the signal processing circuit is good.

    Fourth: the highlands is reliable, the construction of good line, so that the signal ground, solid interface neat cable separately, and the strength and strict as power supply, signal lines, such as UPS, the total number of ac power connectors at both ends, tags, and the management of a simple test.

    For customers in the implementation of project installation and debugging, no matter what kind of problems we focus in shenzhen multimedia should be based on specific question to conduct a comprehensive analysis. Of high performance products to customers at the same time, both in solution and the exquisite technology, we have to do the best service, let customers use the rest assured.