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DDW LCD Make Catering Industry More Relish

Dec 22, 2016

    In the digital age, intelligent information which stores such as set point of intelligent equipment LCD advertising machine is with The Times, intelligent equipment LCD advertising machine just as its name implies is to the contents of advertisements with sounds, words, pictures, video, and other forms of interaction by LCD display so as to achieve the effect of promotion, convenient, the scope of its application in various public field, such as shopping malls, Banks, supermarkets, restaurants, subway, etc., today DDW you talk a LCD advertising machine in the food industry's magical benefits.

    As people material life level rise, more and more people begin to pay special attention to in eat this at the same time also for it's not safe to eat, pay more attention to, as the saying goes "the food to Ann first" the timeless truth, enough to reflect people's pursuit for food and liking, especially in today's general improvement in living standards, not only to eat well, eat at the same time also want to eat at ease, so how will this kind of eat well, eat at ease by extension becomes the key to the restaurant marketing propaganda.

    LCD advertising machine meets the requirements of this kind of hard to formally on people's table, became a hugely popular restaurant operators "new favorite". Using liquid crystal advertisement machine building ground-breaking food visual effect for foodies lick one's chaps, build personalized dining environment, thereby improving customers dining experience, improve the restaurant service level, improve the restaurant brand influence.

    Order process in the traditional restaurant should be like this when customers in the restaurant, the usher into the room, after on the menu to make the customer order, and then by the waiter to send order to the kitchen, but the way of traditional process is too complex, full digital age doesn't accord with today's network, LCD advertising machine will replace the traditional service process make it more convenient and more quickly. As long as there is a restaurant LCD advertising machine, greeters took the customer to the room, using liquid crystal advertisement machine for quick order also can connect mobile phone and tablet advertising machine, LCD advertising machine promotion restaurant main types of food. All kinds of food recipe name will classify, ordered according to the order one by one, be clear at a glance. The staff were not ran to the kitchen, because the customer in the process of ordering menu information has already been sent to the kitchen, thus ensuring food quickly out of the kitchen.

   When after some dishes, cooking also needs a certain amount of time, in the process, waiting for the inevitable, in this case, the interaction of LCD advertising machine advantages will be fully reflect incisively and vividly, such as through interactive touch function, customers can browse the restaurant not only information, also can be related to the restaurant features of small games, such as rich meal at the same time, more can reflect the theme of the restaurant propaganda characteristic culture, thereby effectively fill the blank of the customer such as meal time. Food industry using the advertising platform, nature and other establishments to highlight the unique advantages and characteristics. To attract the attention of customers.

    The customer dining value is not only delicious, of course, also value, restaurants can be released through liquid crystal advertisement machine terminal platform, will limit the promotion of food, can be different according to different times dining groups formulate special promotions, stimulate consumer most attention of economic material benefit, to develop a fixed consumer groups. In addition, combined with the present Internet mobile trend, realize the customized service for customers. Achieve flexible order; Combines the coupon to print to realize the secondary consumption, draw back, etc. Through the information updated in real time and improve customer interactive experience, let dining-room more humanized service, more human.

    LCD advertising machine using accelerated the convenience of a restaurant in the restaurant also raised the restaurant brand awareness and yield, food industry from the fierce market competition, not only should have good dishes, must have the form a complete set of intelligent devices and services platform. The application of liquid crystal advertisement machine is the best tool for food industry transformation and upgrading, with LCD advertising machine that was the icing, implement three cent world has one.

    DDW as a provider of LCD advertising machine, in line with to the quality for this, the idea of service first adhere to bring more benefits for customers, through continuous technological innovation behavior, create high value for the user.