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DDW Charging Pile Advertising Machine New Technology Innovation

Jul 30, 2016

    Along with improvement of the urban construction, media technology breakthroughs, and the outbreak of The Times, advertising machine liquid charging pile effect, communication effect and operation mode, profit structure elements such as got great change. On the other hand, it is also a multimedia, network, screens the era of the fierce competition. In order to better meet the needs of times development, DDW technical team to develop a more comprehensive new functional charging pile advertising machine. Multimedia advertising is now widely used in public places, and some intelligent social services.

    First of all, the popular science under the advertising machine, advertising machine can generally refers to the multimedia advertising machines, there are two kinds of outdoor and indoor, outdoor relative to the interior requirements higher, must be well protected against the rain the sun and high temperature, low temperature, and even more extreme weather conditions. The DDW is a focus all over of outdoor LCD display system research and development, production, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises, it is conceivable DDW technology in the field of professional advertising machine.

    Second, and then to talk about DDW new charging pile advertising machine. DDW new advertising machine is charging pile industry in the new technology, new achievements. Upgraded by outdoor LCD advertising machine based on innovation. Remote control, support the background with outdoor IP65 protection grade, can be applied to various complex outdoor environment (including wet fine snow), fully meet the demand of all-weather work.

    Generally similar DDW developed this new type of charging pile advertising machine, not only can be put in the multimedia advertising, can be fixed on the ground or wall at gas stations, or installed on a public building (public buildings, shopping malls, public parking lots, etc.) and or charging stations in parking lot in residential area, can according to the different voltage levels for various types of new energy car battery.

    Not only that, the DDW charging pile advertising machine also has other features, suitable for different needs, provide the perfect display effect, also can realize touch query, wifi, etc. Brought convenient operation management for the user, and interactive experience to remember.

    DDW forward looking for exchanges and cooperation in the field and new technological breakthroughs, work together to create a better standard of the industry.