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"Core" Cutting-edge New Technology Leading Digital Signage Industry Standards

Jan 15, 2016

These days, can be seen everywhere in the streets, shopping malls, advertising the carousel Panel, coupon printers and other equipment belonging to the category of digital signage. However, digital signage is more than just the case. As mobile Internet devices, face recognition, Visual display and the development of technologies such as mobile payments, digital signage through integration with these technologies, equipped with face recognition systems are derived "virtual shops", vending machines with mobile payment capabilities, to interact in real time, for fun, electronic whiteboard and so forth a large number of new high-tech products.

If you're up to now, the concept of logarithmic signage still not understand what he means, then it does not matter, we can be simply understood as an information publishing and interactive platform, a variety of digital signage message sender can be rendered using the platform presents to the audience the information they want. However, as used in conventional digital signage is a one to many mode of information dissemination, which cannot meet the public's growing demands. Therefore, toward greater emphasis on interactivity and multi-function intelligent digital signage development began to come into our field of vision. Compared with the traditional digital signage, smart intelligent digital signage show in message sender can push information to digital signage in real time and can push different information to different signs, and receiver of the message is not to play the role of a passive recipient, they can also use a variety of ways to interact with digital signage.