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Close To The User Demand: DDW Be Spliced Screens With A Good Idea

Aug 29, 2016

    Splicing screen manufacturing industry as the mainstay of China's manufacturing industry in a strong, first can not only enjoy the advantages of low manufacturing cost, and the gold of the bath market for high-tech display products and high prices. But up to now, reduced prices of raw materials, labor costs and the rising cost of industrial land for splicing screen manufacturing days is not very tough, a wonderful age ZengLi have incomes in the past, though many screen factory scale enterprises growing earnings growth is not welcome, splicing screen manufacturing industry has entered the income not ZengLi phase.

    We not only reflect on: the factory scale is not small, but profit is as thin as paper, splicing screen manufacturing really lack? Technology? Capital? No, it's a creative design!

From the user requirements definition LCD splicing screen design

    A piece of ordinary rubber factory price is 3 yuan, and a joined the elements of Santa Claus, letter rubber big gift box, prices could reach $100. The creative industrial design, is the key to product has a high premium space.

    Splicing screen manufacturing, too, are often a good creative design in addition to seize the customer needs to bring profit, also can bring good corporate reputation, therefore, have a good creative design scheme of continuous for splicing screen are more valuable.

    It is important to note that good stitching screen design must be based on a deep understanding of user requirements. To subdivide the user experience from perspective, splicing screen is commercial stage, outdoor advertising, etc.) or self-use (civil, for enterprise use, etc.)?

     From economic background, display purpose, customer demand, additional services and other aspects, psychological insight into the customer's demand. Customers to splice screen of the implicit demand into products of industrial design, explore the correspondency of splicing screen with customer demand, the selling point of outstanding personalized design, satisfy display purposes, also meet customer to splice screen's other demands.

    A splice screen can control core customer demand design products, like a sharp arrow sharp arrows, pain points can easily Pierce the user's demand, can't do that, even if you can produce again good, again beautiful splicing screen also arouses the customer's purchase desire. Especially in the era of personalization, splicing screen application is more and more vertical refinement, for small and medium-sized splicing screen enterprises, do a good job in niche, do all the customer's demand by splicing screen creative design is king.

    Other multimedia technology that splicing screen industry focus increasingly serious phenomenon of homogeneity, product function is roughly same, difficult to fall behind, so the real competition is focused on the product and the user's link, also is the user experience, and based on the existing demand for emotional design is an effective way to improve the user experience, in general, splicing screen is a kind of provide the audience with visual and auditory sensory experience product, but let the consumer to interact with splicing big screen, can let the consumer more heavy sensory experience, deepen their experience emotions.

    Anyhow splicing screen product manufacturers do not necessarily want to be, everything is complete, must form its own unique style, unique creative design products, through one or two fist product, drive the other products sales. Splice screen at the same time companies not only to do creative products to meet customer demand, to make innovation in service at the same time, instead of the previous service mode, willing to wait until the customer feedback the problem to the LCD splicing screen companies to handle customer's questions and objections. And it should be let go out of service, active attack, the timing for customers pre-sale, sale, after-sale return visit work.