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China Splicing Lcd Video Wall Help Upgrade The Image Of The Hotel Industry

Mar 29, 2016

When the large hotels owners want to do better, a high-tech products LCD screen appeared. For a time, all over the country's large hotels began to install Splicing lcd video wall crazily, in the lobby of the hotel, hotel rooms, hotel door, hotel conference room, hotel restaurants, the Splicing lcd video wall is everywhere. In order to attract more people, the hotel use of Splicing lcd video wall at the gate, showing a dazzling light, becoming the most shining place in a city.


While using the Splicing lcd video wall in the lobby of the hotel, the hall will be more fashionable and noble, it can bring customers more interesting, as well as the official hotel broadcast information, even bring more colors and fun to the ceremony, is the best interpretation of the classic luxury. And hotel rooms use Splicing lcd video wall can let it become a theater VIP rooms, wide field of vision, the high clear high brightness of the product characteristics, bring unique luxury enjoyment for star customers. Also in the hotel conference room can using the Splicing lcd video wall and improve the function of intelligent conference room, because now brand Splicing lcd video wall can be arbitrary window roaming, split screen, superposition function can more easily manage the content of the meeting, to display the meeting content, delicate color is very good, which is the Splicing lcd video wall in the hotel industry in the typical application.


Application of LCD screen in Hotel industry. At present, Under the action of "tourism" and "business" these two major consumer pull, the Chinese hotel industry is showing a rapid growth trend, while the traditional hotel industry is also facing an upgrade. Along with our country in the global economic status enhancement and become the new world business center, the international business activities held in our country are increasing day by day, this gives enormous pressure to the hotel industry to internationalization and informationization transition.


Among them, the hotel guests, especially business guests, on behalf of the brand image, reflect the upgrading of the functional requirements of the video equipment is increasingly high. High resolution LCD screen to become a popular video display terminal is an inevitable choice, it can make the hotel a great glory, quality improvement. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of the level of China's information development, especially the Olympic Games, the competition activities of the pull and influence, prompting the hotel industry to carrying out the reform of the essence.