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Characteristics And Application Prospects Of All Outdoor Advertising Machine Is Analysed

Aug 03, 2016

    Although all-weather outdoor visual advertising machine in China started relatively late, but as a new kind of outdoor advertising industry, with clear image, vivid images, vivid display effect and was deeply loved by vast consumers and businesses, and rapid development.

    With the progress of digital science and extensive use, media integration concept also gradually perfect, all-weather outdoor visual advertising machine has become China's advertising industry in the 21st century to be bestowed favor on newly, its development potential is much higher than that of traditional TV, newspaper and magazine media, outdoor advertising machine is called the "fifth media".

    LCD advertising machine used in outdoor advertising market, mainly used in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, public transportation and other industries. Has the following features:

    1, strong visual impact

    Put up advertisements in outdoor public places, in the passing information has incomparable advantages, expand the influence, and established a prime locations in the city's huge advertising is any company want to build long-term brand image will contend for, its direct, simple, enough when it comes to the world's big advertisers, even often become a landmark of the city.

    2, release time is long

   Outdoor advertising machine run 24 hours a day uninterrupted, is persistence, all-weather media, this feature makes it easier for the audience to see, it Ren Tianchang forever according to the customer's needs. The advantage of network media has a similar, but is in the virtual world, audience needs a series of prerequisite to close, and outdoor media, because of the uniqueness of physical space, this advantage to play more thoroughly.

    3, large information capacity

    Advertising machine can abstain program, streaming, rich in content. Content is not only limited to ads at the same time, also can have a show. Including project, column, variety, animation, radio, TV, advertisements show clearance.

    4, low cost

    Outdoor media is the most value of the mass media, although the price is different, but it costs one thousand compared to newspapers, magazines, radio and so on is the lowest, and outdoor LCD advertising machine only one-time investment, the cost is relatively low, in addition, LCD advertising machine has directional delivery time, high accuracy, with its advantages of low carbon environmental protection and energy saving, advertising machine has become indispensable to brand publicity show platform.

Outdoor advertising machine has the following features:

    1. The system adopts industrial-grade hd, highlighting LCD monitor as a display terminal, brightness can reach more than 1500 CD/m2, durable, trouble-free an average of 50000 hours, and the sun is still high in the outdoor light!

    2. Touch the device can be mounted to the system to make the content more interactive, more interesting, more attractive, can better achieve the goal of information transfer and interaction.

    3. Outdoor protection grade reaches IP65, can be a very good adapt various environment outdoor weather!

    4. Installation of broadcast control device inside the cabinet, can be convenient and effective management of equipment through the network and broadcast content, support for multiple network mode.

    5. Can be integrated touch-screen, WIFI, network, information release system, remote monitoring system, build a powerful outdoor digital publishing platform.

    6. Using intelligent temperature control system of cooling and heating, applied - 20 ℃ - 55 ℃ ambient temperature.

    As people more leisure and tourism as well as the wide application of high and new science and technology and popularization, outdoor advertising machine has become a darling of advertising, its growth rate significantly higher than that of traditional TV media, newspapers and magazines, especially in recent years, the "outdoor advertising machine" a hot point of venture capitalists focus, also will be used in more aspects, contributing to wisdom construction of city.