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Camera And LCD Splicing Screen Is Tie-in, Achievements In Security

Jul 22, 2016

    World is full of temptation, neon unavoidably hypnotize, Confucius's "for all over the world, one world" have no trace, as a result, many people became the "security", "security", many times the actual combat experience, found that a good camera isn't enough, with a good LCD splicing screen is king. The use of small make up a simple introduction a few ground scene.

The road

    Beside the LCD splicing screen has been merged into the beautiful scenery line, but today we are going to tell the one that was behind the screen, which is the road camera backstage surveillance video, in recent years, a lot of traffic and quarrel accidents have benefited from strong clear surveillance video of a better solution, such as after "peng yu" event many people see the old man was lying on the ground all dare not sad, but really need to help the old man and no one dare to help, after a surveillance video racketeer events have hard evidence, no longer afraid of being maliciously.

The mall

    Market surveillance video is mainly to monitor consumer safety, the safety of the goods, convenience of management, to the supermarket often hear radio: so-and-so friend please to 2 building units, your mom and dad are here waiting for you. Sometimes in thought, one thousand children to worry didn't hear? One thousand was taken away by criminals? In fact, as long as there is a good monitor equipment and LCD splicing screen, quick to find the location of the loss of personnel, the problem is more convenient to deal with, to manage store steal phenomenon also more intuitive


    Community monitoring system in the aspect of public security prevention and control are important, not only to the personal safety and property of residents security to prevent a more, also can bring many convenience to police, become solve good helper. A good camera and LCD splicing screen is tie-in, can in dark night monitoring within the scope of the clear picture.

The company

    LCD splicing screen not only can match the camera to monitor company, can also be used to show the company's corporate culture and brand effect, many companies in order to reveal the company brand and concept, using various methods, and liquid crystal splicing screen more intuitive understanding of the company introduction and product introduction of enterprise, the company has a certain understanding, using proper also can give a person leave deep impression.


    Park is a place where everybody's most heart unguarded, because people in the park when the mind and body are in a state of relaxation, the park is a public place, and the staff is not fixed, there is no guarantee of public property, and it's easy to have accidents, the installation of cameras can let a person the first time to browse the high-definition LCD splicing screen, whether for park visitors on the safe side, or the public security personnel of public security, are very necessary.