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Brief Introduction Of Hot Products In ISE2018 Exhibition(二).

Mar 22, 2018

三、43 " Charge Pile outdoor digital signage

1.This product can be composed of human-computer interactive touch screen,  LCD screen, RF reader, energy measurement module, communication module, charging interface, control module and pile composition.

2.Charging pile with multiple protection function, input and output with double safety protection measures, charging real-time monitoring of the connection of the charging cable status, connection abnormalities immediately terminate the charge to ensure that the charging process is safe for people and vehicles.

3.User interface and display can be used to control the functions, so that customers can easily complete the charging process.

4.external access is available for Ethernet, GPRS, WIFI, Bluetooth and other communication interface, and monitoring center, operation and management center real-time communication, real-time monitoring of charging status.

四、55" double side outdoor totem

1、Dome camera

2、One side light boxes

3、LED text rolling

五、55 " Ultra thin outdoor totem

      Outdoor digital signage adapt 100% full new brand A+ LG, Samsung LCD panel, widely used for otuside shopping mall, street,bus station,gas station,outdoor dadvertising area,high way rest station and more publics. It integrated with auto cooling function when outside temperature rasied, also heating module provide heating when start in froozen condition.