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Big Screen Splicing Wall To Bar Business A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Jul 29, 2016

    On the bar guests on behalf of the brand image, upgrading function of video equipment demand is higher and higher, LED backlight technology has made the LCD splicing brightness higher, better stability at the bar. Some high-grade bar in order to distinguish the same bar, so that a rising tide lifts all boats, business often need different LCD screen splicing wall of bar linkage, at the same time display LCD screen splicing wall of a row/column picture on the wall, or require the system to automatically run the different display modes in order to achieve a more dynamic, modern display effect. So when using shenzhen focus much screen splicing systems, should note what respect?

    A, a bar splicing wall and splicing processor tend to work continuously for a long time, work boot time up to nine hours a day, seven days a week and requirements. Therefore need to be adopted for stable work and not easy to damage the display device and splicing processor.

    Second, low cost, compared with large enterprises and government projects, with bar wall mosaics of the overall price is     sensitive.

    Three, signal requires simple, often only need to the scene of the video signal, or from a computer dynamic scene of the play without complicated signal input; Simple controls for splicing the processor at the same time, the practical application often don't need to do to manipulate, or mode conversion, you just need to switch on electricity.

    Four, signal output display requires simple, general need only joining together into a large picture, a small number of cases can be realized according to the liquid crystal splicing technology picture in picture, or the same content of different splicing combination, does not require a variety of different signals at the same time, according to a fancy and window control complex practical function.

    Five, differ as a result of splicing unit put, request a splicing processor can support different splicing unit placement, joining together the processor can support the display unit of different placement such as horizontal and vertical angles, and demanded that the display screen can complete assemblies.

    Six, on the edge of the display unit processing requirement is not high, do not need to be complicated, expensive functions such as the edge of the fusion, but need to the edge of the display unit to carry on the blank holder, do edge block processing, in order to avoid due to the dark side of the LCD/PDP device does not display the image of deformation, the picture not harmonious, and so on and so forth.

    Seven, some high-grade bar, often also need to conduct site linkage of different splicing wall in the bar, at the same time show stitching a row/column picture on the wall, or require the system to automatically run the different display modes. To achieve a more dynamic, before modern display effect.