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Application Of Ground Maneuver, Vertical Advertising Machine Retail Application Potential

Aug 04, 2016

    With the highlight attributes of the digital signage applications, its original independent industry increasingly blurred, and vertical advertising machine, as a kind of particular application form, has become the digital signage application different from other commercial shows the application of a typical representative. Especially in the retail industry, the application of vertical advertising machine is regarded as the digital sign applications permeate "pioneer". Based on this, the digital sign companies, such as, letter h, ying network science and technology, star network, etc., have stepped up its investment in this area.

    Flexibility and security, stability, highly agree with retail application requirements

Based on traditional digital marketing idea, vertical advertising machine of the complexity of the application environment in public places with a strong ability to adapt, such as vertical LCD advertising machine mostly adopts a solid aluminum alloy and glass as case, the integration of design, dustproof, effectively prevent man-made scratch, etc., to ensure that the product in the densely populated environment security, stability.

    At the same time, the retail industry, due to dispersion and the application range is extensive user base, the market application of personalized characteristic is very outstanding, while vertical advertising machine has flexibility and the application needs to keep a high degree of fit, it is also the's retail customers an important reason.

    Compared with the positioning of the wall hung products, vertical advertising machine can mostly yituo namely, install more flexible at will, can better meet the demand of retail industry users personalized applications. Flexibility and, based on the major premise, in the interaction of rapid rise, vertical advertising machine successfully shaped rather "ground maneuver" interaction, greatly improved the use ratio.

In practical application, the vertical advertisement machine not only flexible, placed and the height is adjustable, make industry users can adjust in time according to the application requirements, the maximum convenience operation, "linger", so as to arouse the enthusiasm for the application. For example, in business applications, the vertical advertising machine can be better integrated into the interactive link, including product independent query and promotional information acquisition, and even more targeted coupon to print.

    Projection era expert analyzes believed that in the domestic digital bulletin application market, retail industry is a potential and to develop the market, and the market users, most of the money is limited, became the main obstacle to their digital marketing. And display products as compared to terminal digital sign system, vertical advertising machine installation maintenance process not only conforms to the mass market of concise and demand, and the most emphasis on cost with users of economic advantage, therefore, in the digital marketing has just started the retail industry, it will be easier to force.

    Domestic advertising machine enterprise innovation, combined with industry application is a breakthrough

Due to a late start, the domestic digital sign industry compared with domestic, there are obvious difference, specific to the vertical advertising machine market is no exception. After years of development, vertical advertising machine core technology has been mature, but, with the continuous increase of market demand, require a more detailed technical innovation, and innovation ability of domestic enterprises is still very limited, especially in terms of advancing design for high-end application market, however, in order to be able to in the fierce market competition, and must have outstanding technology, in this case, a lot of advertising machine domestic enterprises will be the focus of innovation to shell manufacturing.

    Because of the core technology of the same, the domestic advertising machine product homogeneity phenomenon is increasingly prominent, and, due to lack of representative type of product, although the number of domestic manufacturers increased, but there was no giant enterprises. Projection net think that age, to the domestic advertising machine makers, "fox" cutting-edge technology innovation is not reality, if you want to quickly reverse the passive situation, the current localization as well as relying on incomparable advantages, around market application specific refining industry innovation, development, implement differentiation to rapidly promote the brand influence.