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Annual 5.6% 2016 The Need To Achieve Breakthrough In Digital Signage

Jan 15, 2016

In the current commercial display market, digital signage applications are worthy of sweet pastry, in 2015 as a whole under the situation of economic downturn, digital signage market maintained the growth trend (according to AVC data assessments indicate that 2015 digital signage market sales in China are expected to exceed the 1.61 million units, an increase of 5.6%). Huge market potential for growth driven by digital signage market became Rio Tinto object that many enterprises, and, in order to highlight the differences of enterprise development, detailed applications have become the consensus of the business enterprise, and the retail industry, has been a focus. To the enterprise's long-term development, digital signage companies will inevitably increase the promotion of digital signage, and traditional retailers, in order to adapt to the new market situation, had to make the digital revolution, supply and demand, and for the expansion of the retail digital signage application provides a strong support. AVC statistics show that by 2016, overall digital signage markets in China are expected to exceed 1.83 million, growth of 13.7%, this broad market platform, will provide plenty of room for growth for retail digital signage, applications market broke it will not talk.

In 2015, the traditional large-screen display companies, such as Panda, Skyworth, LG, Philips, Tong-Hui, as well as professional digital signage business, letter h, the star network, expansion of the retail digital signage market showed a great enthusiasm, retail digital signage launched the appropriate solution. With the market heating up, in order to get more control, they will certainly increase investment, it will be the market entered a period of the outbreak the most direct show. Opportunities and challenges will be the distinctive features of the development of the retail digital signage market next year.