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A New Definition LCD Splicing Screen

Feb 08, 2017

    With 2017 people's growing demand for screen use, liquid crystal splicing screen on the market is in short supply, a single display device has been unable to meet the pursuit of indoor and outdoor display screen, it's not, LCD splicing screen as an extension of the display screen equipment, using the modular splicing, joining together into a complete unit, through the entire LCD splicing unit will be displayed by visual effect of the reduction of the visual scene.

    Rich and colorful display mode and intelligent user experience is the user a new definition of big splice screen, users can open multiple Windows on the splice panel, custom window size, set the display size, fill the display content, expand the window to the whole video, according to requirements of truly follow one's inclinations.

    LCD splicing screen as a variety of display terminal, its biggest function is practical, long life, low consumption, low calorific value, trouble-free time is long, low maintenance cost, wide application field, used by many businesses,'s leading supplier of commercial display, emperor ai emperor do again and again for the admiration of technological innovation, constantly hitting the consumer's eye, brings unprecedented visual feeling feast to consumers, but also the information visualization towards a new height and new era, a new and quietly changing people's way of life.

    DDW as commercial display solution provider that many customers perfect provides customized solutions, in stitching way and keep improving on the display picture, with many stitching display manufacturers launched the game of technology and innovation, will further shorten the narrow edge bilateral flat-fell seam design, realize seamless fusion splicing technology, flat-fell seam in every time, is to leap in the field of high-tech research and development.