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A High Standard Of Quality DDW Release 3.5 Mm Flat-fell Seam Video Wall

Jul 25, 2016

    Specialized visualization solutions for the global supplier DDW has released a new ultra narrow flat-fell seam LCD splicing wall products. This upgrade product portfolio offers a better image quality, reliability and innovation, and help to reduce the deployment cost, and improve visual experience video wall.

    Company introduction, hd 46 inches and 55 inches LCD panel brightness configuration that has 700 and 500 candela per square metre, can meet the demand of customers in widely used in the field of application, such as control room, broadcasting, signs, meeting rooms and lease and stage performance. DDW - LW4621 DDW - LW5521 and DDW - LW5521 also has the industry's most narrow 3.5 mm flat-fell seam.

    To reduce labor cost and outage probability, the DDW company scheme built-in sensors in each panel, can detect real-time accurate each screen brightness and colour. After using the algorithm, automatic calibration parameters of each LCD panel, so as to realize the unification of the whole video wall. Calibration process can background without having to interrupt the video image display on the wall, so as to ensure the uniformity and stability of image display.

    In order to further reduce the noise and improves the life span of LCD, LCD panels embedded in the multiple temperature sensor, the strength of the ultra-quiet fan to assist in the mediation and run. The new liquid crystal splicing screen family will also be able to meet the requirements of energy saving at the same time, and is equipped with an application processor and ops slot, allowing the use of embedded PC module, in order to enhance its processing capacity.