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19 Inch Supermarket Advertising Player LCD Digital Signage Display

Jul 31, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.:19 inch LCD Digital Signage DisplayApplication:Indoor AD Player
Screen Size:15-20 InchesInstallation:Wall-Mounted
Type:Network Version AD PlayerTouch Screen Type:Surface Acoustic Wave
Screen Technology:LCDInterface Type:D-Sub(VGA)
Remote Control:With Remote ControlOS:Android

    digital signage of network version is android system. android online information system based on the android version 4.0, b/s architecture. system integration with video, pictures, text, web pages, audio playback function, this product uses the mobile phone operating system, and everyone is using smart phones have similarities, easily accepted by users, which can be entertainment, and human-computer interaction, is the real intelligent advertising system.

1. support 1920 X1080 high-definition video decoding.
2. built-in 4 GB of memory, can store thousands of sharp image.
3. support SD card expansion, maximum 32 g.
4. pictures and video in no black screen, truly seamless switching.
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5. super session timer switch machine, can be set up according to the daily or weekly.
6. built-in multiple transitions model images, images play transitions and interval time can be set freely by the software.
7. can store up to 100 playlists, according to the preset time to play.
8. die portrait as switching. vertical screen mode through programming tools, video, images, rotate automatically, without the use of third-party tools for editing processing.
9. support screen any split screen, can achieve 1 video + 4 pictures + 1 scrolling marquee date + 1 logo + 1 + 1 + 1 background.
10. u disk broadcast are available, and can also be show in the u dish into the built-in memory for playback.
11. can set the encryption mode, through the programming tools and terminal setting, implementing encryption for the program, without the right key, will not be able to play.
12. and can be set to open mode, copy the media files directly to the u disk root directory, without having to edit, insert u disk directly.
13. support the video formats: mpg, RMVB, AVI, MOV, MP4, RM, ts, etc.
14. and supported image formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.
15. support for scrolling marquee: font color, font size, rolling speed by user-defined settings.
16. multilingual OSD menu, by default, English, Japanese, French.
17. supports VGA output.
18. obligate infrared human body induction interface, synchronization, GPRS module interface interface, RFID interface.
19. support USB upgrade system and screen.   

Product Description